Solar Solar Products

Sineng Electric EP-2500-HA-OD Central Inverter

Product Brief Sineng Electric launched the EP-2500- HA-OD central inverter at the REI 2017. Available with Three-level topology, maximum efficiency up to 99.02 %, the new central inverter comes with maximum DC/ AC ratio up to 1.5V. Product Feature With 1500V DC voltage, maximum efficiency of up to 99.02% and 2.5MW unit integrated design, the […]

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SOFAR Solar 3-Phase 4-12KW String Inverters

Product Brief SOFAR Solar launched its 3-Phase 4-12KW String Inverters during REI 2017. The new member of the family is the 3-Phase String Inverter that brings advanced and upgraded technology with it. The new series comprises inverters in 4-12KW capacity range. Product Feature The latest series offer 98% of maximum efficiency and can predict real […]

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Fonrich FR-PVMBPVSx Module Monitoring Device

Product Brief The Fonrich FR-PVMB-PVSx Module Monitoring Device is used to monitor the working status of every module and send these real-time data to a specific data collector through PLC communication. Realtime data is an essential part for intelligent maintenance of PV plant. Product Feature Named Gilgal2 and Gilgal3, these are designed for 1000V and […]

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GSola GEL-M11 Solar Module EL Detector

Product Brief GSola Power introduced its newest Solar Module EL DetectorGEL-M11 at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2017. It is used for detecting the inner defects of solar modules, such as low efficiency solar cell, broken finger, contamination, micro-crack, short edge, wafer issue, and so on. The detector is useful for testing the solar modules […]

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Luminous NXi Grid Tied Inverter

Product Brief Luminous NXi Grid Tied Inverters are powerful inverters that convert DC electricity into AC, It is also called On-Grid system which works without battery. The main purpose of Grid tied inverter is to supply power from Mains supply to home/offices and feed the Generation of solar power to mains supply. Product Feature NXi […]

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EcoStar DC200 UPS

Product Brief EcoStar DC200 is an efficient Solar UPS for domestic appliances which can run on both AC and DC Power. Whenever healthy AC power is available, the appliances run from mains supply. In the event of power failure or unhealthy conditions the appliances run using Battery power converted to a DC voltage suitable to […]

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LONGi Solar Hi-MO2 Bifacial Mono-PERC Module

Product Brief: The leading mono-crystalline solar cell and module manufacturer LONGi Solar has introduced its first high-performance mono-PERC (Pasivated Emitter Rear Cell) bifacial module series that comes in both 60-cell and 72-cell configurations. LONGi Solar’s 365W Hi-MO2 module has reached mass production. Product Feature: Last year, LONGi Solar launched Hi-MO1 based on advanced PERC cell […]

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LG AC Module with Integrated Microinverter

Product Brief: LG Electronics USA has launched the ‘NeON’ 2 ACe module in collaboration with Enphase Energy at Intersolar NA 2017. The high-efficiency AC module uses Enphase’s latest IQ6 microinverter technology, which integrated at the module assembly stage is designed to reduce installation time by half, compared with conventional modules, while offering cutting-edge technology. Product […]

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HeliosLite’s Disruptive 1.5 Axis PV Tracker

Product Brief: This disruptive PV tracking solution boasts higher energy output than single axis horizontal trackers and brings cost effective tracking to decentralised PV plants. Product Feature: HeliosLite has developed a disruptive PV tracker based on a patent pending 1.5 axis kinetic capturing more energy than single axis horizontal trackers without sacrificing cost effectiveness. As […]

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