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COVER STORY: Increased Govt Thrust Set To Give Rooftop Solar Financing A Fillip

Days after the announcement of PM Suryodaya Yojana on January 22, its impact was felt in different parts of the country. Several states, ministries, energy regulators and companies seem to be in a race to enable faster adoption of rooftop solar.  Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy already announced increasing subsidies for residential rooftop […]

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COVER STORY: Rooftop Solar Enters Mission Mode In India

The signs were already there. In the first week of 2024, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) created ripples in the Indian solar market when it announced a 23 percent increase in subsidies for residential rooftop solar. As per the government notification, the ministry increased subsidies from Rs 14,588/kWh to Rs 18,000/kWh for […]

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Top 12 Trends Of 2023 That Created Ripples In Indian Renewable Sector

For India, forming a backdrop to the whole year was the softening in global module prices, continuation of ALMM exemptions, and of course, the noise around carbon credits and green hydrogen. Which events actually made an impact? Which ones stood out and are most likely to make a real impact, and soon? We present below […]

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TOPCOn Makes Inroads In India’s Solar Manufacturing Sector

Around 2019, mono-PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) was well on its way to dominate the solar market in India, in a market that was ruled by polycrystalline modules until then. Researchers and developers had already estimated its dominance five years ago in 2014, but it took a wholesale shift to mono-PERC by leading Chinese manufacturers […]

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What is ailing the growth of solar irrigation in Bihar? 

Birender Singh is a 68-year-old farmer based at Azamgarh village in Sitamarhi district of Bihar. Buoyed by his interest in solar, he installed a 2HP, off-grid solar pump in 2016. It was installed under the state government’s Chief Minister New and Renewable Energy Solar Pump Scheme.  Singh was among the 2,771 farmers who received the subsidized solar pump under the […]

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Advertising, Brand Ambassadors, And Celebrities Emerge As the ABC Of Solar Marketing

Advertising, Brand Ambassadors, And Celebrities Emerge As the ABC Of Solar Marketing As India’s domestic solar manufacturing ramps up from an estimated 38 GW currently to over 100 GW by 2026, firms have realised the limits of doing business as usual. Counting on large government-backed projects, with exports as the icing on the cake when […]

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Mitsui Chemicals India Backsheet Durability Test Sequence (BDTS)

Why is BDTS testing required? Solar PV modules require the Backsheet Durability Test Sequence (BDTS) to ensure the long-term performance, safety, and reliability of the photovoltaic (PV) panels. The back sheet is a critical & vulnerable component of a solar module, located on the rear side of the PV cells. It serves as a protective […]

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Solar Feeders Promise To Fulfil Solar Targets in Agriculture

Radheshyam Singh is a marginal farmer from Noorsarai in the Nalanda district of Bihar. While a few farmers from the district have availed the benefits of off-grid solar pumps for irrigation in the past, Radheshyam and most of the farmers in the neighbourhood still depend on the grid. However, dependency on the grid for irrigation […]

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Ready, Set, Go: India’s Solar Manufacturing Ambitions Are Flying

For India’s solar sector and its many entrepreneurs, all signals are finally green. Or so it would seem. Be it progress on manufacturing plans, including the all important backward integration, exports, and of course, a strong domestic market for their output. Everything has come together for the many firms and entrepreneurs who will hope for […]

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