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Frequently Asked Questions about the Export Power Manager (EPM) Solution

The Solis EPM accessory, as an energy control device, has an enormously powerful function. In addition to controlling the energy output of the PV system, it can also be used as a reactive power adjustment and power factor compensation device. During installation we hear common questions being asked so in this episode of Solis Seminar we’ve collated the most […]

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APTEL Overrides TNERC Judgement In Case of Solitaire BTN’s 100 MW Solar Plant

The Appellate Tribunal For Electricity (APTEL),has ruled strongly in favour of the solar developer Solitaire BTN (BTN) against the state regulator of Tamil Nadu, discom, transmission firm. In overriding the previous judgement of the state regulator, APTEL has probably shown up the risks of working directly with state discoms like nothing else. The judgement was […]

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SE Asian Countries Have Strong Demand for 2 &3 Wheeler EV’s for Last Mile Delivery

Introduction According to a World Economic Forum report, demand for urban last-mile delivery would increase by 78% by 2030, resulting in the deployment of 36% more delivery vehicles in the world’s top 100 cities. In most Southeast Asian countries, the use of last-mile deliveries has expanded dramatically in recent years. The rise of online retail […]

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Will 2021 be The Year Solar Saves California?

California— the largest U.S. state, home to 1/8th of the country’s population, and responsible for 14% of national GDP — is experiencing one of its most challenging droughts this year. The state had earlier experienced the biggest wildfire season recorded in its modern history in 2020, which is one reason being blamed for the adverse […]

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Ranking Top 10 Solar Tracker Firms Worldwide

A solar tracker is a device deployed along with solar panels, directing the latter towards the sun. Trackers not only maximise the energy capture but also further boost the efficiency of the overall power generation process through minimising the angle of incidence – or the angle that a ray of light makes with a line […]

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25 Years Life? PVEL Rings Alarm On High Failure Rate Among Modules

Solar’s huge rise has been matched with an even bigger expansion in capacity, primarily in China, and now, the rest of the world too. With manufacturing capacities rising from 25 GW in 2015  to over 400 GW today. These have driven costs lower, even as incremental innovations across the value chain have also helped. For […]

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Solis Seminar Episode 16: Leakage Current Failure

Background In the last episode of the Solis Seminar series we talked about how faults can occur during wet weather, in particular the importance of “PV Isolation Protection”. In this episode, we will discuss “leakage current failure” faults and cover possible causes as well as ways to prevent the issue. We will look at a […]

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Emergence of Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Sector

By Suman Jagdev, Director & Lead – Strategy Consulting, GCA Corporation, Mumbai  The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations has led to articulation of clear actions for a sustainable world underpinned by responsible consumption and production.  Governments are required to meet targets assigned by the United Nations and frame adequate regulations and […]

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The Top 5 PSUs With Big Solar Plans For India

India’s electricity mix is where the country hopes to make the biggest gains, when it comes to its contribution to cutting carbon emissions. Currently, the country’s sources of power generation range from conventional sources such as coal, lignite, natural gas, oil, hydro and nuclear power to viable non-conventional sources such as wind, solar, and agricultural […]

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