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Five Solar Startups Using AI To Make An Impact

If tech in the 2020s had to be defined by a phrase, it’d be Artificial Intelligence or AI. With every product nowadays coming out with some form of AI, it’s not surprising to see AI make its way to solar as well. In particular, startups have been at the forefront of the AI revolution for […]

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Rooftop Solar: Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Inverter Installations

If solar cells are the heart of your solar PV module then the inverter is the brain of your solar PV module. Understanding inverter installation is utmost important for an error free rooftop Solar PV installation. This not only protects the rooftop solar PV from damage but also improves the efficiency. However, in the dearth […]

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SaurEnergy Explains: A Guide to Green Power Trading

The world has witnessed exponential growth in the renewable energy sector, particularly over the last decade, as the importance of renewable energy has become common knowledge. According to one IRENA report, 2023 set a new record in renewables deployment in the power sector by reaching a total capacity of 3,870 Gigawatts (GW) globally. Furthermore, renewables […]

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Top 5 States Spearheading Rooftop Solar in India

India has made strides in new solar capacity addition in the last few years. However, a considerable gap exists between rooftop solar (RTS) and utility-scale solar installations.  Despite existing national and state-level schemes promoting rooftop solar, including the National Rooftop Scheme and state government subsidies, participation rates remained low. This is mostly because of the […]

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The Renewable Energy Developers Whose Plans Will Shape India’s Solar Targets

India reached a notable milestone in renewable energy by adding a record-breaking 18.48 GW in 2023-24, a 21 per cent increase from the previous year. As of March 31, 2024, India’s installed renewable energy capacity stood at 143.64 GW, excluding large hydropower projects. The country needs an annual addition of at least 50 GW for […]

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The Impact of Renewable Energy on Economic Growth and Job Creation

At first glance, the subject of renewable energy seems like a truly controversial matter, eliciting conversations and debates between advocates of climate change action and those seeking to protect their economic advantage. In a broader sense, however, there appears to be a nexus between renewable energy and economic growth. For instance, India spent $11.8 billion […]

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Top 5 States In Rooftop Solar In India

It is no secret now that even India has made strides in new solar capacity addition in the last few years, a considerable gap exists between rooftop solar (RTS) and utility-scale solar installations. The PM Suryaghar Muft Bijli Yojana might be the most ambitious scheme yet to reduce that gap, but its impact will probably […]

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5 Ways The World Will Change As Renewable Energy Gains Share

Sometimes, it’s good to see a little further into the future than just the next few months, or even a year. At SaurEnergy, with the privilege we have in terms of access to and feedback from so many experts, it is clear that change is afoot. While those impatient for much more will probably disagree, […]

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Top 5 Solar Module Exporting Countries To The US

Much seems to happening in the United States (US) when it comes to the addition and expansion of solar projects in the region. As per the latest forecast from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the US is likely to add 340 GW of renewable energy capacities over 2023-2028.  The forecast from the IEA claims that […]

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