Solar Solar Products

5 Solar Products that Impressed Us

1. SolarPuff Solar Lantern PRODUCT BRIEF: This award-winning solar light is engineered with an origami inspired, self-inflating design and creates beautiful, clean light in 3 colours: bright white, warm and multicolour. PRODUCT FEATURES: It’s light weight, just 2.5 ounces and it floats and can withstand complete immersion under water. For as many hours as you […]

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Slim Smart Wallet with Solar and USB Recharge

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Slim smart wallet is the World’s first wallet that comes with solar and USB recharge and two way tracking for phones OR wallet. PRODUCT FEATURES: The wallet has a RFID chip that is used for the two way tracking of the users phone or the Walter itself. The wallet comes with a […]

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HSBC ‘Green Deposit’ for Corporates

PRODUCT BRIEF: HSBC has launched its Green Deposit product in India for its corporate clients. The first-of-its-kind product for the Indian market, the Green Deposit will enable the bank’s clients to support greener more sustainable projects. PRODUCT FEATURES: The fixed tenure deposits through the product will go towards financing eligible businesses and projects that promote the […]

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Harbor IP65 Wireless Solar Power Bank

PRODUCT BRIEF: The waterproof Harbor wireless solar power bank comes with an IP65 rating and a massive 30,000 mAh battery that can charge 6 devices simultaneously. PRODUCT FEATURES: The Harbor 3.6x faster PD 3.0 port, built-in Solar Charger, 10W Wireless Charger, 30 hours LED Light, and SOS Flashlight, which makes it a great everyday power companion […]

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EyeCube Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera

PRODUCT BRIEF: For both indoor and outdoor use, the EyeCube solar-powered security camera which boasts of 1080p HD vision, very easy installation and portability because of its miniature size equivalent to an apple. PRODUCT FEATURES: The camera is 100 percent wire-free and is able to absorb sunlight 270° with easy installation and uninstallation. Fully charged, […]

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Solgaard Solar Boombox

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Solarbank Boombox is a 3-in-1: Powerbank, Bluetooth Speakers, and Solar powered unit. It can charge your phone, play your music and can be topped up with natural solar light when outside. PRODUCT FEATURES: The Boombox battery contains enough charge in one cycle to charge a mobile phone five times, or 90 hours of music […]

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SolarWindow Electricity-Generating Coatings

PRODUCT BRIEF: The SolarWindow transparent electricity-generating coatings produce energy when exposed to sunlight, indoor light, low light, reflected light, and even shaded light sources. The firm recently released first-person video footage demonstrating its new, highly transparent electricity-generating glass using its coating. PRODUCT FEATURES: Once the coating is applied in ultra-thin layers, ordinary glass becomes an […]

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Texas Instruments Buck Boost Battery Charger IC

Product Brief: Texas Instruments (TI) has recently introduced the industry’s smallest buck-boost battery charger integrated circuits, which integrate power-path management for maximum power density and universal and fast charging at up to 97% efficiency. Product Features: The BQ25790 and BQ25792 support efficient charging and 10 times lower quiescent current through USB Type-C and USB Power […]

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Schneider Unveils Digital Platform for Solar & Storage Management

Schneider Electric Solar has launched Insight, its new digital solar and storage energy management platform for residential and commercial users. Schneider Electric Solar has announced the launch of Insight, its new digital solar and storage energy management platform for residential and commercial users. It is available through their local, cloud, and mobile interfaces. The new […]

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