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‘Chillermill’ World’s First Hybrid Renewable Energy Powered Freezer for Covid-19 Vaccine

Hyderabad-based commercial cold chain appliances manufacturer Rockwell Industries Lmt. launched the world’s first-ever storage chiller and freezer that runs completely on the hybrid renewable energy source (wind and solar energy) on Thursday. The all-new Off-grid vaccine chiller/ freezer ‘Chillermill’ is useful to store COVID-19 vaccine at the required temperatures, ranging from Rs. 40,000 to 1 […]

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WeeyLock- Solar-Powered Smart Bike Lock

PRODUCT BRIEF: WeeyLock is the smartest solar powered bike lock ever made. PRODUCT FEATURES: WeeyLock comes with a Smartphone unlock and Key fob unlock. It has a theft alert alarm. Being solar powered, it performs self-charging, and it also has GPS tracking system and records the cycling data as well. WeeyLock is waterproof. Weeylock supports […]

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Solar Charger – The Bracelet

PRODUCT BRIEF: A solar charge in form a 3600 flexible solar cell – bracelet PRODUCT FEATURES: It is Very light and strong with a Rechargeable Battery 3000mAh. Comes with a Mini two-color LED. Have 8GB storage for your data and comes in Different color versions. PRODUCT APPLICATION: Expose your bracelet on any light source and you’ll […]

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The VEGAN Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

Product Brief: World’s lightest weight multipurpose electric & solar-powered tricycle, made from lightweight fiberglass & aluminum, which also recharges as it moves, for a maximum range of 120 km per charge. PRODUCT FEATURES: Equipped with self-charging and solar, it has a claimed range of 120 km+, and can carry a fully charged battery to be swapped […]

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PediCurve Solar: The Future of In-Home Pedicure

Product Brief: In-Home pedicure with an Efficient, Healthy & Hygienic device – its 100% Solar Charged. PRODUCT FEATURES: PediGlass Disc, along with solar power has been used to make it. PediGlass Discs are chemically etched with craters on the glass which easily removes softened skin and leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth. PediCurve Solar features […]

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MiTo – Solar Powered Smart Water Bottles

Product Brief: Are you the type who forgets to drink water in time, or stay hydrated? Then Mito’s solar powered smart bottle provides a smarter and greener way to hydrate. Mito reminders supplement your natural thirst function to ensure you are always hydrated. The stainless steel bottle also hopes to decrease use of plastic water […]

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3d Incise Solar Garden Lamp

This is a made in India lighting solution that uses solar radiation to light up garden pots, pathways, etc. Description: It has a solar panel on top, a rechargeable battery to charge-up the power LED, It provides an excellent moon light effect and being wireless makes it very handy and easy to use anywhere without […]

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Wipro Coral plus Rechargeable Solar LED Lantern

PRODUCT BRIEF: A rechargeable lithium battery operated emergency light with a foldable hook that provides light in 360 degrees of direction. Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh. PRODUCT FEATURES: It has Dual Charging supply i.e. plug in your lantern to charge it and when there is no access to a power supply, the sun can recharge your […]

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Ginjot: A multifunctional flexible UV cleaning mop

PRODUCT BRIEF: A cleaning mop with Look and Hoop system with 360° Swivel, Water spray UV Light and Solar Panel. PRODUCT FEATURES: Ginjot: a  flexible, all in one,  ecofriendly,  innovative  cleaning mop. The cleaning mop is easy to use, it cleans dirt from any surface, and most importantly it’s lightweight and multifunctional. It has a  […]

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