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Husk Power Plans To Commission More Mini-Grids In India: William Brent (CMO)

How did the journey of Husk Power Systems start? Husk Power’s journey started around 2008 with its co-founder, Manoj Sinha, and other like-minded people from Bihar. At that time, rural electrification was a major issue in India and states like Bihar. Husk came into the picture to ensure that the unserved communities in those areas […]

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“CSH In India Is Best Suited For Heating Applications”, Jaideep Malviya

Jaideep Malviya is a familiar site for all solar industry professionals and those who track the sector in India. A veteran of the solar movement who shifted his focus towards niche but critical segments like Solar Thermal heating and solar recycling, Malviya has been a passionate advocate for India to adopt these more aggressively. Here, […]

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“Our Nickel Recycling Plant Will Take Revenues To Rs 500 crores”- Rajesh Gupta & Prassann Daphal, Recyclekaro

Recyclekaro has grown strongly in the recent past. Tell us about the journey in terms of opportunities, challenges & how you navigated through. Rajesh Gupta: The journey has been quite remarkable. Soon after completing engineering, I started this company. Our idea was to collect data, put it in a system, have an application and provide […]

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“International Initiatives Such As CBAM And Carbon Trading Will Support RE Adoption”, Akshay Hiranandani, Serentica Renewables

Has Serentica’s launch plan changed since its inception, or is it following the original plan to achieve the fastest renewable expansion? Can you provide the current status of the firm’s plans, including specific timelines for capacity additions? Serentica remains committed to industrial decarbonization and providing 24/7 green power for hard-to-abate industries. Our current focus centers […]

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BatX’s Strong Network Aided In Boosting Battery Recycling: Vikrant Singh

How did BatX Energies’ start its journey of recycling Lithium-ion batteries?  During one of our projects on making electric cars, we realized the importance of Lithium-ion batteries. The cost of making the car was around, and we were surprised to know that the cost of a Lithium-ion battery was almost the same. As India depends […]

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ARENQ Working To Develop 3-Wheeler EVs With Swapping Facilities: VG Anil, CEO

How has the firm’s journey been since it started its operations? We started our operations in 2021. Our journey was both challenging and rewarding. We’ve successfully positioned ourselves as India’s most trusted battery supplier, which is a notable achievement in a short time. Initially, we faced significant hurdles in recruiting skilled engineers and sourcing high-quality […]

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My Vote Goes To String PV Inverters Against Central Inverters: Kevin George, Regional Sales Head, GoodWe

GoodWe is a leading global manufacturer and innovator of residential and commercial smart solar inverters, energy storage solutions and PV building materials. The brand stood among the top three solar PV inverters in Europe in 2022. Kevin George, Regional Sales Head, GoodWe (solar inverters in residential, C&I and utility sector) sheds light on the offerings […]

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“700+ Wp Modules Increase Generation By Around 20% Compared To Existing 580-585 Wp Range”: Sarthak Sengupta, Amplus

Sarthak Sengupta, Vice President, Procurement, Amplus, has 17 years of experience in materials management, strategic sourcing, and procurement consulting. During his extensive professional journey, Sarthak has worked for organizations like Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and Blue Star Limited, demonstrating expertise across diverse industries such as electric vehicles, renewable energy (solar, wind, battery storage, EPC), new […]

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