Solar In Talks

Indian solar module manufacturers have as fair a chance as IT industry in US: Shubhra Mohanka, Gautam Solar 

Tell us about the recent developments from your firm. So, the recent developments are twofold, one is from a capacity perspective. We are doing two gigawatts of capacity manufacturing that we are expanding to now. And the second is from a product perspective, where we have launched n-type TOPCon glass-to-glass panels at this Expo. How […]

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Large RE Market A Boon For India: Anadi Iyer, India Director, Fraunhofer

How is Fraunhofer’s helping the renewable energy sector in India? Fraunhofer works around science and engineering, whether it is renewable energy, production technologies, material science, smart cities, smart manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, etc. We can make solar cell battery storage systems of high quality. We are also working on several technologies simultaneously, like thins cells. […]

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Battery Swapping Can Reduce EV Costs Drastically: Kavinder Khurana, MD, TeslaPower

Why Tesla Power USA invested in India. How much potential do you see here? Tesla Power USA is a United States (US)-based entity. It has invested heavily in battery rejuvenation technology. The company was launched in India in September 2021. Globally, it operates in 18 countries. It includes four countries in Latin America, seven in […]

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Clients Willing To Pay A Premium For Green Data Centres- Moiz Vaswadawala, NTT

Moiz Vaswadawala, Vice President, Risk management and Sustainability at NTT Global Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd, the leading data center provider in India currently, talks about the push towards greener, more sustainable data centres. Excerpts from the interview: What is a data centre’s total energy footprint like, in terms of power, water, […]

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NLC India Moving Towards Hybrid RE Projects: Prasanna Kumar, CMD

Saur: What are the significant works NLCIL undertook in the past few years to boost its renewable portfolio? CMD: NLC India Limited (NLCIL) was an early bird central PSU to venture into the renewable sector. Our first renewable energy project was awarded in 2013 with a 51 MW wind power project. Later, we shifted towards […]

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Our Energy Storage Unit A Better Alternative To Li-Ion Batteries: Vijay Prateik, CEO, DeMITasse Energy

Vijay Prateik is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DeMITasse Energies. Prateik is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His company was also incubated at IIM-Bangalore. His startup, founded in 2016, uses thermo-chemical mechanisms for storing energy for longer durations. It claims that the firm’s technology can aid […]

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