Author: Saur News Bureau

No Backing Down by AP On PPA’s with RE Firms

With its latest move to challenge the High Court  ruling of September 24, that barred it from renegotiating existing PPA’s with many RE players, and put the onus on the APSERC, the Andhra state government continues to muddy the investment climate for renewables. In fact, as and when an analysis is finally done on the […]

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As California Looks To Fill Power Gap by 2022, RE’s Eye Opportunity

For Countries like India, which are still hamstrung by capital, costs or a thermal legacy in their push to adopt renewables as fast they should, the state of California continues to provide an ongoing lesson . Be it mandating a target to decarbonise its energy sector by 2050, or the selective subsidies on both solar […]

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U GRO Capital, Sunvest Capital Launch Rs.20 Crore Rooftop Solar Funding

Capital, the key missing link in so many solar rooftop plans, is finally coming to solar too. In another move to fill the vast gap that exists between potential, demand, and actual supply, SME focused finance start up U Grow Capital has joined hands with Sunvest Capital to provide co lending for solar rooftop and […]

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MERC Draft Regulations Short Circuits Solar Future- Maharashtra Developers

The Maharashtra Energy Regulatory Authority managed to unite almost the complete developer community in the state after releasing its draft regulations for the state. In the spotlight was its proposal to shift to gross metering for solar rooftop power, which has been met with outright condemnation. In fact, some of the developers went as far […]

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Part 2 on The Discom Perspective of Solar. Solutions

Continuing from Part 1 of the analysis yesterday, we move to part 2 today, on the solutions discoms have proposed. In part 1 of our analysis of the report ” Solar Rooftop-The Discom Perspective”, we shared with you the key issues flagged by multiple discoms across India , when it comes to their relationship with […]

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The Problem with Rooftop Solar. Discom View

In the first of a two-part series based on the report, Solar Rooftop, The Discom Perspective, we bring to you the issues, and possible solutions (in part 2) proposed by discoms. The report has been released by TERI and the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. Even as India’s renewable renaissance has stumbled in the past 18 […]

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