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Clients Willing To Pay A Premium For Green Data Centres- Moiz Vaswadawala, NTT

Moiz Vaswadawala, Vice President, Risk management and Sustainability at NTT Global Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd, the leading data center provider in India currently, talks about the push towards greener, more sustainable data centres. Excerpts from the interview: What is a data centre’s total energy footprint like, in terms of power, water, […]

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NLC India Moving Towards Hybrid RE Projects: Prasanna Kumar, CMD

Saur: What are the significant works NLCIL undertook in the past few years to boost its renewable portfolio? CMD: NLC India Limited (NLCIL) was an early bird central PSU to venture into the renewable sector. Our first renewable energy project was awarded in 2013 with a 51 MW wind power project. Later, we shifted towards […]

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Our Energy Storage Unit A Better Alternative To Li-Ion Batteries: Vijay Prateik, CEO, DeMITasse Energy

Vijay Prateik is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DeMITasse Energies. Prateik is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His company was also incubated at IIM-Bangalore. His startup, founded in 2016, uses thermo-chemical mechanisms for storing energy for longer durations. It claims that the firm’s technology can aid […]

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The market’s evolution should not solely rely on subsidies: Manish Chugh, Co-founder & Director of Aponyx Electric Vehicles

Aponyx, an electric vehicle manufacturer, was founded in 2017 at IME Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana. The founders focused on  embracing the opportunity to demonstrate innovations in the electronics and electrical sectors. As technology advanced and various electrical appliances were introduced to the market, the company manufactured and serviced various electronic equipment and appliances including all reputed […]

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Silicone Sealant Contributes to the High-Quality Development of PV Industry

Tell us about GUIBAO’s into the solar market for sealants. GUIBAO, a leading solar chemicals and equipment specialist entered the solar PV market in 2006, providing a series of complementary products for the PV industry (involving frame sealant, junction box potting sealant, BIPV structural sealant, silicon wafer cutting sealant, sealant rod, etc.). How did the […]

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Plan To Add More Floating Solar Projects: Simarpreet Singh, CEO, Hartek Solar

SaurEnergy: In the last 32 years, the Hartek group witnessed the virtual revolution of the solar sector. How has it changed your approach to the market and the growth? Singh: When we started the solar business, the situation differed from the current scenario. Many consumers were reluctant to go for solar rooftops; there was a shortage […]

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Our cleantech product diversification has increased: PK Jain, Microtek

 Praveen Kumar Jain, Business Head (Solar) at Microtek speaks to Saur Energy on the issue of product diversion of Microtek. The firm has now increased their product range from inverters to battery storage systems for renewable energy and others.

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[Video] Portable Solar: Now You Can Pack Your Panels In A Bag & Travel

 Chennai-based cleantech company–Turn on has now launched a set of portable solar panels which could be packaged in a bag and taken along during travels. These panels are lightweight and easy to carry in vehicles. These products have given a ray of hope for using power in tough terrain or places where there is […]

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