Author: Namrata Gulati Sapra

As Solar Exports See Striking Surge, Indian PV Manufacturers Face New Challenges

China  continues its global domination when it comes to the solar supply chain. The leader brought online a whopping capacity of 87.41 GW of new solar power in 2022. As per an IEA report, it  contributed to nearly 90% of solar PV modules manufacturing capacity in 2022. The report further states that this Chinese supply […]

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Five Reasons That Make Agrisolar Significant To The World

Agrivoltaics refers to the simultaneous use of land for agriculture and photovoltaic (PV) power generation. It is great idea for a country like India, where over 60% of land is employed for agriculture, and the  scarcity of land is a persistent problem thanks to an expanding population and urbanisation. Agrivoltaics offer a promising prospect in […]

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Despite A Volatile Market, Wind Energy Blows Strong

It was Wind Energy Day on June 15, and the day while acknowledging the role wind energy is set to play, also serves to highlight the massive strides this key part of the renewable puzzle has made, especially in the past decade.   Global Trends  2023: Big Start, Bigger Finish The wind sector is back […]

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RE Projects With No PPAs, Made For Power Exchanges- CFD could Make It Possible

In an announcement that could potentially change the landscape of renewable energy projects, the way they are procured and the flexibility, freedom enjoyed by developers and generators in the industry, new renewable energy projects can now be sold on power exchanges exclusively. Traders and project developers will interact directly for contracting supplies from these projects. […]

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5 Solar Energy Myths That Need To Be Buried For Good

Despite the many benefits that solar energy offers, it continues to be shrouded in myth. However, in the recent past, particularly the last five years, solar has overcome challenges, and many myths, like few heralded energy sources before it. Saur Energy deflates the most common myths around solar. We hope these have not kept you […]

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Our goal is to raise production capacity to 3 GW yearly: Anurag Garg, Jakson Group

Please tell us about the manufacturing capacity and expansion plans of Jakson. Presently, we have 580 MW module manufacturing capacity at our Greater Noida Plant in India. We were among the first Indian manufacturers to start with fully automatic (including auto bussing) module manufacturing facility and waterless technology NDC laser cutting machine in 2021-22. The […]

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ISTS is poised to be gamechanger for renewable energy adoption by India’s corporate sector: Sashi Kant Mishra, Fourth Partner Energy

Tell us about your current ISTS-connected projects. Our portfolio entails Rajasthan with 330 megawatt of AC solar capacity, where we are in the phase two of connectivity. In Karnataka, we have another 300 megawatt of power capacity being set up. The said projects are in phase II of connectivity, with the Rajasthan project at an […]

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