HPL Solar Cables



SOLAR CABLE is nervous systems of a Solar power plant from panels to invertor and, therefore, one of the most crucial parts.

They are connected on DC side of the system, proper cable sizing and its quality ultimately decides the power delivered to the load and in turn efficiency of the entire system because undersized cable results into heating which may lead further up to hazardous incidents like fire.

Also even a small increase in cable resistance resulting into increased I2R losses which is considered as a higher loss of energy and such cable will lose its acceptance.

Further as solar cable has to function in open atmosphere over a long period, it has to withstand all environmental severities like UV radiation, rain, dust & dirt, temperature variations, humidity, insects and microbes etc. frequent failure / replacement of solar cable will lead to decrease in the overall project efficiency resulting in high operational costs.

hpl solar Cables

HP Solar cables are made under stringent MNRE parameters to deliver lasting performance throughout the lifetime of the PV system.

Special Properties of HPL Solar Cables

  • UV resistance: full protection against ultraviolet rays.
  • Outdoor durability: resists extreme temperatures (-40C to 120C) and ozone resistant.
  • Halogen-free: Low Smoke Emission & Low Toxicity/Corrosively during fire.
  • Properties against fire: flame retardant, fire retardant.
  • Flexibility and stripping ability: for fast and easy installation.
  • Lifetime and stripping ability: lasts up to 30 years even under tough external conditions.
  • Fully recyclable: in accordance with new environmental regulations.
  • Suitable to any connector types.
  • According to EN/IEC/IS.


HPL solar cables are manufactured with the following materials.

  • Zero Halogen Polyolefin Compound
  • Annealed Tinned Copper Conductor
  • Cross Linked Polyolefin Compound


HPL Solar Cable has Electrical, Chemical, and Thermal & Mechanical features, detail profile are mentioned below:-


  • Resistant to mineral oils
  • Resistant to acids & alkaline



  • Voltage Rating : 1.5 (1.8) KV DC
  • High voltage test: 6.5 KV DC for 5 minutes

  • Maximum conductor temperature of operation- 120C during 20000
  • Minimum operating temperature :- 40C

  • Resistant to Impact, tear & abrasion
  • Minimum bending radius- 4 times of overall diameter
  • Safe pulling force – 50 N/sq. mm


Size of Cross Sectional Area in (sq. mm)2.5461016253550
1Max. Conductor D.C. Resistance at 20C (Ohm/km)
2Average Diameter of Conductor (mm)1.882.392.933.95.46.738.089.69
3Approx. Overall diameter of cable (mm)
4Approx. Overall weight (kg/km)456080120180275370515
5Minimum Bending radius (mm)2529323947576475
6Current rating under continuous operation 90C and ambient temperature 40C (Amp)3042527695125159185
7Short circuit current rating for 1 sec. duration0.320.50.761.323.154.416.3
8HR 105C PVC Insulation Thickness-Nominal (mm)
9UV HR 105C PVC Sheathing Thickness-Nominal (mm)