HPL Introduces Solar Inverter to Maximise Energy Production

The inverter runs on solar power and is highly cost effective being a battery less inverter, that make it distinct from other off-grid inverters. Providing affordable renewable energy products, HPL has introduced the Solar Inverter range which comes with upgraded design and advanced technology ensuring higher performance. The solar power inverter makes use of advanced […]

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HPL Solar Cables

INTRODUCTION SOLAR CABLE is nervous systems of a Solar power plant from panels to invertor and, therefore, one of the most crucial parts. They are connected on DC side of the system, proper cable sizing and its quality ultimately decides the power delivered to the load and in turn efficiency of the entire system because […]

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HPL Products Feature

HPL, with its unwavering commitment to the creation of world class quality products, has created a niche for itself in the electrical industry. Nowadays, HPL Electric and Power is regarded as one of the premium manufacturers of reliable Metering Solutions, Switchgears, Lighting Equipment and Wires & Cables. In solar division, it is having an expertise […]

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