HPL’s Solar Main Junction Box (MJB)

HPL’s Solar Main Junction Box (MJB)

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  • Main Junction Box is used to combine output from several Array Junction Boxes and connect it to DC Distribution Box OR to Power Conditioning Unit / Solar invertor
  • The MJB consists of two sections
    • One to combine all the positive terminals
    • Second to combine the negative terminals on the other side
  • Tested under strict industry norms by experts to guarantee flawless functioning and durability
  • HPL Main Junction Boxes are made from high quality Thermoplastic (ABS) with the use of latest technology and is suitable for a range of Solar Power applications such as standalone rooftop systems, Hybrid systems etc.
  • HPL Main Junction Boxes are dust, vermin and waterproof
  • Fitted with cable glands of appropriate sizes for both incoming and outgoing cables

HPL Solar Main Junction Box


  • HPL’s Main Junction Boxes are fully insulated according to the requirements of IEC 61439-1 as mandate by MNRE and tested up to an operating voltage of 1000 V DC.
  • The enclosure is made of high quality poly-carbonate.
  • Degree of protection IP-66/67
  • The enclosure is accessible only via the use of tools in order to ensure the protection
  • Customizable based on customer needs
  • Blocks the reverse flow of current from battery to solar panels
  • Reliable electric safety to avoid hazard
  • Obstructs sudden surges due to lightening strokes during cloudy and rainy conditions and ground the surges immediately
  • Fuses for overload protection on each string
  • Blocking Diodes for reverse current flow protection (Optional)
  • Easy DC-termination
  • Easy and decent Cable management.
  • Time and money saver Solar String management.
  • Space saving and orientation flexibility.
  • Reliable electric safety to avoid hazard.
MJB-0201 2 IN 1 OUT For Combining 2 Solar Array Junction Boxes
MJB-0301 3 IN 1 OUT For Combining 3 Solar Array Junction Boxes
MJB-0401 4 IN 1 OUT For Combining 4 Solar Array Junction Boxes
MJB-0501 5 IN 1 OUT For Combining 5 Solar Array Junction Boxes
MJB-0601 6 IN 1 OUT For Combining 6 Solar Array Junction Boxes
MJB-0701 7 IN 1 OUT For Combining 7 Solar Array Junction Boxes
MJB-0801 8 IN 1 OUT For Combining 8 Solar Array Junction Boxes

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