Solar Solar Products

3D-Micromac microCELL OTF Laser System

Product Brief: 3D-Micromac launched the second generation of its high-performance microCELL OTF laser systems at SNEC 2017. The high-performance production solution for Laser Contact Opening (LCO) of PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) solar cells achieves a throughput of 8,000 wafers per hour (wph). Product Feature: The highly productive laser system microCELL OTF offers precise surface […]

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Edisun Microgrids Dual Axis PV Booster Tracker System

Product Brief: PV Booster by Edisun Micro-grids is the only dual-axis solar tracker designed and built for the commercial rooftop and solar carport sector. Its direct drive design eliminates the need for a gearbox and the brushless DC motor has a 20 year life. PV Booster’s thoughtful implementation mitigates reliability concerns and yields an ultra-low-maintenance […]

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Aurora’s Decima Gemini Bifacial Solar Cell Optimization System

Product Brief: Aurora Solar Technologies has introduced an enhanced version of its Decima inline measurement system for quality control of bifacial solar cells during production. Bifacial solar cells have an open and active backside which enables collection of reflected light available from the earth, rooftops, etc. generating up to 25% more energy than traditional cells. […]

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Luminous Regalia

Product Brief: Luminous Power Technologies has announced the launch of Wall Mounted Power Backup System named Luminous Regalia. The Company is touting it as the most compact power back-up system available in India. The new product from the house of Luminous comes with in-built lithium ion battery technology – just like mobile phones. According to […]

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Trina’s DUOMAX Module

Product Brief: Solar panel manufacturer Trina has introduced a first-of-kind, frameless solar module with a double layer of glass. The Duomax module can be availed in both 60 cell and 72 cell configuration. It is different from the conventional module and uses front glass and backsheet structure. Product Feature: The DUOMAX Module is a frameless […]

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Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S Three- Phase Solar Inverter

Product Brief: Growatt has launched new generation of three-phase Solar Inverter, Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S with new intelligent technology. The Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S solar inverter is compatible with Growatt monitoring devices and cloud platform. Product Feature: Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S series inverters are designed for maximum efficiency of 98.4%, MPPT efficiency of 99.5% and wide DC voltage range 160-1000VDC, which […]

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EMS 561-400 series Snap Cure Conductive Adhesives

Product Brief: EMS has launched a new 561- 400 series low-cost ‘snap cure’ conductive adhesive, which is designed for stringing and shingling crystalline silicon and heterojunction solar modules. Product Feature: The EMS 561-400 series is designed to be used in modified ribbon stringers. The material will snap cure and fixture ribbons in seconds at 150°C […]

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Sunverge Advanced AC-coupled Energy Storage System

Product Brief: Sunverge Energy, a leading provider of intelligent energy storage systems for residences and small businesses has announced the immediate availability of an AC-coupled model of its industry-leading energy storage product. Product Feature: Offered to renewable energy installers and electric utility partners, this alternative method for connecting to rooftop solar systems provides superior backup […]

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SolarEdge P800P-5NCDARL Power Optimizer

Product Brief: The P800 commercial power optimizer enables installers to connect two modules to one power optimizer. It is available in two versions: P800s for series connections (for high power 6” cell modules and bi-facial modules) and P800p for parallel connections (for high power 5” cell modules). Product Feature: The parallel version (P800P-5NCDARL) has a […]

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