Agfa UNIQOAT Single Layer Backsheet

Agfa UNIQOAT Single

Product Brief: Agfa Specialty Products has introduced ‘UNIQOAT,’ its next generation of polyester-based backsheet product. UNIQOAT eliminates the risk of backsheet delamination as it is manufactured as a single layer backsheet and achieves a level of reflectivity.

Product Feature: Agfa’s UNIQOAT back-sheet achieves a level of reflectivity that is probably the highest in the market today and thereby offers increased power output of solar modules. By design UNIQOAT elim-inates the risk of backsheet delamination because it is conc-eived and manufactured as a single layer backsheet. During the extrusion process the hydrolysis and UV resistant polyester is surface-modified to face the challenges to which it will be exposed and to actively contribute to more reliable and durable solar modules and offers the potential for significant cost reduction.

Application: PV module lamination.

Benefits: UNIQOAT as a mono-backsheet that eliminates the cost of a lamination adh-esive and of managing a complex mix of lamination films from a variety of suppliers. UNIQOAT backsheets are offered to the market in three product types depending on thickness and weathering properties: UNIQOAT 315, UNIQOAT XR 315 for extra reflectivity and UNIQOAT XR 330F for addit-ional protection.

Availability: Available for purchase

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