3D-Micromac microCELL OTF Laser System

3D-Micromac microCELL OTF Laser System

3D Micromac microCELL

Product Brief: 3D-Micromac launched the second generation of its high-performance microCELL OTF laser systems at SNEC 2017. The high-performance production solution for Laser Contact Opening (LCO) of PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) solar cells achieves a throughput of 8,000 wafers per hour (wph).

Product Feature: The highly productive laser system microCELL OTF offers precise surface structuring, low operating costs, and highest availability. Laser processing on-the-fly and an innovative handling concept enable maximum throughput and yield. The conta-ctless cell handling enables processing without surface defects and microcracks.

Application: Besides PERC, the tool can also be used for laser-doped selective emitter processes. Can process 156 x 156 mm2 – 162 x 162 mm2 wafers and ready for M4 wafer format.

Benefits: The industry-proven microCELL OTF systems produce a selective opening on backside-passivated multi- and mono-crystalline solar cells to allow more light to be absorbed by the solar cell. The newly intro-duced second-generation system provides a throughput of more than 8,000wph, double the throughput of the previous-generation microCELL OTF system. This is facilitated by dual-lane wafer handling and on-the-fly laser processing. The new tool generation meets customers’ requirements for inline integration into two or three-line metallization machinery since the throughput of the single laser process step now matches that of the other process steps in the production line, ensuring that the laser process is not the bottleneck in material flow.

Availability: Available for purchase

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