Wickon Hightech’s ‘SPEEDFilm Solar’ System

Wickon Hightech’s ‘SPEEDFilm Solar’ System

Wickon Hightech SPEEDFilm Solar-System

Product Brief: Wickon Hightech has developed a new model of the ‘SPEEDFilm’ inspection platform specifically for PV manufacturers. The ‘SPEEDFilm Solar’ system ensures 100% inspection of screen printed paste structures with a very high throughput that is able to handle thinner and thinner printed structures on c-Si solar wafers.

Product Feature: The SPEEDFilm Solar system takes two full resolution images to get a higher accuracy inspection result. Inspection is done with the printed layer upwards, while transporting from one segment to the next without losing process time. The lateral resolution is 5μm and the image acquisition time is only 1.25s for the complete wafer. The image is pre-calculated with the Wickon Hightech ‘Dr.-M’ (data reduction module) to speed up all calculations. The Wickon Hightech ‘Wision’ software has been widely used in automotive screen printing production lines with the ability of inspecting very complex layouts. The system detects paste spots out of the printed layout starting with a minimal size of 5×5μm as well as smeared paste along the printed conductor lines and logically interrupted conductor lines, providing 100% of inspection.

Application: Volume production inspection of screen printed paste structures on c-Si solar cells.

Benefits: The SPEEDFilm Solar system deploys a sensor and the PC in a compact conveyor and can be integrated in nearly all available conveyor systems. This means that the maintenance costs and spare parts are used from existing equipment. The inspection program is based on the Gerber data and is correcting the local distortions from the screen while printing. This makes it easy to integrate the system and run it in stable behavior

Availability: Rollout is planned for October 2017.

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