Heraeus Photovoltaics SOL9641AX/BX Metallization Paste

Product Brief: Heraeus Photovoltaics has introduced specially developed metallization pastes for ‘knotless screen’ printing of solar cells. The new SOL9641AX/BX series is designed to realise the full advantages of knotless printing screens and were deve-loped in close collaboration with screen vendors and customers. Chinese PV man-ufacturer EGing became the first integrated photovoltaic manufacturer worldwide using knotless screen printing in mass production of c-Si solar cells.

Product Feature: The SOL9641AX and SOL9641BX have been built on two product platforms 9641A and 9641B with the latest breakthrough in organic vehicle system designed for knotless screen with finer fingers than printing though conventional screen. Compared to conventional paste, 9641AX and 9641BX could achieve much better aspect ratio (AR) for fired fingers (0.3 AR VS 0.5 AR), which results a gain in Isc and FF, therefore providing efficiency improvement.

Application: SOL9641AX is suitable for black-silicon with excellent adhesion, while SOL9641BX has a wide process window for PERC and Ultra-lightly-doped-emitters. SOL9641 is compatible with both mono-crystalline and multicrystalline wafers.

Benefits: The printability of SOL9641AX/BX has been specifically tailored to knotless screens. It features a unique paste rheology, enabling a significant higher aspect ratio on ultra-fine-line fingers, which can print defect-free through a less than 26μm screen opening in high throughput mass production. The new pastes are typically dried in an IR dryer with set points of 250 – 300° C in less than 30 seconds or 150 – 200° C for 10 minutes in circulated air oven.

Availability: Available for purchase

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