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STMicroelectronics’ New Light Sensor Boosts Camera Performance

The VD6281 is up to 5x more sensitive than other colour sensors in the market, allowing integration behind a coverglass, inside an optical module with another companion chip or flashLED, or through an opaque phone back cover, supporting optimal industrial design. STMicroelectronics has released an innovative full-colour ambient light sensor (ALS) that helps smartphones take […]

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HPL’s Solar Main Junction Box (MJB)

Main Junction Box is used to combine output from several Array Junction Boxes and connect it to DC Distribution Box OR to Power Conditioning Unit / Solar invertor The MJB consists of two sections One to combine all the positive terminals Second to combine the negative terminals on the other side Tested under strict industry […]

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HPL’Solar DC Distribution Box (DCDB)

The DC distribution unit is used to collect the DC output from Array Junction Box (AJB) and supply it to the inverter DC Distribution Box provides flexibility for the operator of the solar power plant to disconnect and connect both inward solar supply and battery terminals In the HPL DC Distribution Box we have two […]

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HPL Solar Cables

INTRODUCTION SOLAR CABLE is nervous systems of a Solar power plant from panels to invertor and, therefore, one of the most crucial parts. They are connected on DC side of the system, proper cable sizing and its quality ultimately decides the power delivered to the load and in turn efficiency of the entire system because […]

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HPL’s Solar Array Junction Box (AJB)

Array Junction Boxes (AJB), also referred to as PV combiner boxes, it collects DC power from PV strings with blocking diodes on each string for protecting panels from reverse current flow. The collected power is then transferred to inverter to be converted into AC. AJB is meant for combining all the incoming lines from the […]

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HPL’s AC DISTRIBUTION BOX (ACDB) for Solar Application

The ACDB receives AC power from solar inverter and directs it to AC loads / LT Panel. ACDB is an important part of SPV system as it provides extra protection to the system in case of failures on load side A provision can also be made in ACDB to monitor the consumption of power from […]

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Enphase Energy’s 7th Generation ‘Enphase iq’ Microinverter

Product Brief: Enphase Energy has launched 7th-generation ‘Enphase IQ’ microinverters for the Enphase Home Energy Solution with ‘IQ’. ‘Enphase IQ 7 Micro’ and ‘Enphase IQ 7+ Micro’ are designed for worldwide markets and have started shipping to distributors in the United States. Product Features: These microinverters are powered by Enphase’s unique software-defined architecture, which results […]

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Sineng Electric’s Central Distributed Inverter

Product Brief: Sineng Electric has launched a new central distributed inverter for bifacial solar modules. It is designed to resolve issues of bifacial modules that do not always perform perfectly due to the limited of traditional inverters when light conditions are optimal. It also facilitates technological progress across the sector. Product Features: It is equipped […]

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Eastman Auto and Power’s Grid-Tie Solar pv Inverter

Product Brief: Eastman Auto and Power Ltd (EAPL) has launched ‘State of the art Grid Tie Solar PV Inverter,’ which is one of the most advanced Grid Tie solar PV inverters in the Indian market. It is designed under the latest applied scientific automation. These inverters are technologically exceptional solar devices for residential homes and […]

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