SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds

Solar Product_2

PRODUCT BRIEF: The smart solar blinds by SolarGap are the most economical and efficient solution for those who can’t or don’t want to install rooftop solar panels to reduce their monthly power bill.

PRODUCT FEATURES: SolarGaps smart blinds automatically track the sun throughout the day, adjusting position to the optimal angles to generate solar electricity to power devices in your home, apartment or office. Built-in solar panels can generate up to 100W-150W of renewable energy per 10 sq. ft. of a window, enough to power 30 LED light bulbs or three MacBooks.

APPLICATION: Window Blinds and Solar Power Panels

PRODUCT BENEFITS: With apartment renters in mind, the interior wall brackets are designed as a non-permanent, plug & play solution with additional installation options for homeowners to maximise energy production. In addition to generating solar energy, the window blinds also save energy by shading your home interior and reducing air condition cost by up to 80 percent.

AVAILABILITY: The firm raised USD 102,354 through its kickstarter campaign and has since moved to production phase.

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