Solar Solar Products

Reolink Argus PT Smart Home Camera

Product Brief: The Reolink’s flagship battery-powered security camera lineup with the unique and revolutionary features. Product Features: The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery or Reolink Solar Panel, which enables customers to charge the camera directly without replacing the battery. By adding a solar panel to Argus PT set up. The camera has an […]

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SOS 20K Portable Solar Battery

Product Brief: No matter what environment you’re tackling, SOS 20K will be there – and because it can stand abuse, charge from the sun, and is equipped with four 3-in-1 LED S.O.S signal lights, it will never leave you stranded. Product Features: The power bank has a capacity of 20,000 MAh and the battery has […]

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SunnyBAG PowerTAB – A Most Effective Power Charger

  Product Brief: The PowerTAB is a portable solar system that claims to finally make you 100 percent independent. Highly efficient solar panels plus batteries which the firm claims to be like in the Tesla Model S. Product Features: The 5-watt SUNPOWER solar panel charges through highly efficient power management consisting of two cells that […]

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LG Chem & Span Energy Storage with Backup Power

Product Brief: LG Chem and Span have announced battery storage and intelligent home energy control system that enables customisable backup power, letting customers control which home loads remain powered on during outages. Product Features: The Span smart panel provides advanced, real-time controls for the home and the LG RESU home battery can provide essential backup […]

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PocketPower Solar Charger by Flextech Solar

Product Brief: The PocketPower is an ultra-portable solar charger, which can be folded and easily fit into your pocket. Product Features: Easy to clean, the product even works when underwater as long as its surface is illuminated. The Surface deep embossing + ETFE film coating+ integrated lamination, make this panel waterproof, dustproof, and super durable. […]

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Solar Paper – World’s Thinnest and Lightest Solar Charger

Product Brief: The Solar Paper by Yolk is the world’s first solar power charger that can be placed inside your note or planner. It is a paper-thin and ultra-lightweight solar charger. Product Features: The Solar Paper charger can reliably charge your smartphone in about 2.5 hours on a sunny day. That’s about the same as […]

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Delta – Battery Powered Generator

Product Brief: The DELTA is a technological, environmental, and experiential innovation in personal power use. Requiring no gas, emitting no pollution and no noise. Product Features: Bring DELTA to any party or into your living room and power up to 13 devices simultaneously. DELTA’s system includes four regular USB ports, two 60-watt USB-C ports plus […]

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Hydrade – Solar Powered Double Wall Smart Bottle

Product Brief: The Hydrade is a unique, environmentally conscious bottle that helps you stays hydrated while helping others access clean drinking water. Product Features: Powered by a built-in solar panel, the bottle recommends your daily hydration levels (hydration coaching), quantifies water intake with gentle ‘drink’ reminders, and donates clean water to a charity on your […]

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TwiLight Solar Light by Solight

Product Brief: This award-winning solar light is engineered with an origami-inspired, self-inflating design and creates beautiful, clean light in dual bright white and red light, with a red SOS mode. Product Features: It’s lightweight, just 1.8 ounces and it floats and can withstand complete immersion underwater. For as many hours as you charge it in […]

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