HPL’s AC DISTRIBUTION BOX (ACDB) for Solar Application

HPL’s AC DISTRIBUTION BOX (ACDB) for Solar Application


  • The ACDB receives AC power from solar inverter and directs it to AC loads / LT Panel.
  • ACDB is an important part of SPV system as it provides extra protection to the system in case of failures on load side
  • A provision can also be made in ACDB to monitor the consumption of power from SPV Power Plant
  • AC Distribution Box makes maintenance easier and enhances system reliability
  • ACDBs from HPL are designed to deliver high performance and added protection by isolating inverter from mains as and when required
  • Inclusion of ACDB significantly reduces overall system installation time
  • ACDB enables installer to isolate different loads from each other at same location thus making repair and maintenance much safer and fasterAC DISTRIBUTION BOX


  • All of HPL-AC Distribution boxes are tested/certified as per IEC/IS standard
  • The enclosure is available only via the use of designated tools in order to ensure the protection
  • Customizable based solution as per customer needs & requirements
  • Reliable electric safety to prevent
  • Wall mounting design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Every terminal is secured and weather proof making it suitable for outdoor applications also, highly secure wiring, besides being insulated with PG Cable Gland or built-in MC4 terminal connector on demand.
  • Protects the system if there is any fault during failure in AC side
  • Internal Wiring with lugs, ferrules and dressing included
ACDB-0101 1 IN 1 OUT For Single Phase
ACDB-0102 1 IN 2 OUT For Single Phase
ACDB-0103 1 IN 3 OUT For Single Phase
ACDB-0101 1 IN 1 OUT For Three Phase
ACDB-0201 2 IN 1 OUT For Three Phase
ACDB-0202 1 IN 2 OUT For Three Phase
ACDB-0301 3 IN 1 OUT For Three Phase
ACDB-0303 3 IN 3 OUT For Three Phase

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