AAP to Provide Scrapping Incentive Under Delhi EV Policy, Says Gadkari

AAP to Provide Scrapping Incentive Under Delhi EV Policy, Says Gadkari

The Delhi government is providing scrapping incentives, including up to Rs 7,500 per vehicle for auto and light commercial vehicles, under Delhi Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2020, Parliament was informed on Monday.

Road Transport, Highways, and MSMEs Minister Nitin Gadkari informed Rajya Sabha in a written reply, that “Under the provision, all leased/hired cars used for the commute of Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) officers shall be transitioned to electric within a period of twelve months from the date of issue of this policy.”

AAP introduced the Delhi EV policy 2020 on Aug 7, 2020, aiming to aware the public and promote the adoption of a clean mobility solution. The policy strives to establish the feasibility for large-scale adoption of electric passenger four-wheelers, through transitioning its entire government fleet to electric.

The Delhi Government order issued on February 25, 2021, in this regard mandates conversion of all vehicles owned/leased by the Government of NCT of Delhi to transition to electric by August 6, 2021, Gadkari stated.

“Under the Delhi EV Policy, 2020 -scrapping incentive is provided for the vehicles in lieu of scrapping a more polluting conventional vehicle. However, the scrapping incentive for vehicles is applicable on the evidence of matching contribution from the dealer or OEM, such that the Government of NCT of Delhi will provide incentive matching the contribution made by the OEM or dealer on the scrapping value of the vehicle, not exceeding Rs 5,000 per vehicle for two-wheelers and Rs 7,500 per vehicle for Auto and Light Commercial Vehicle,” the minister said in that reply.

Also, he noted that are other incentives are also there. Private and two-wheeler vehicles would also be included in this scheme, the minister said.

Delhi as the national capital is trying to accelerate EV adoption as fast as possible. Earlier AAP provided subsidies on the EV purchase and exempted tax and registration fees, by launching the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign. Later it mandated the entire hired vehicle fleet of government officials to transit it into EVs completely, within six months only.

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