AAP Launches ‘Switch Delhi’ Campaign, Promoting EV Adoption to Curb Pollution

AAP Launches ‘Switch Delhi’ Campaign, Promoting EV Adoption to Curb Pollution

Delhi government, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has launched the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign today, as an awareness program to promote public to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) in the state. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to people to buy such vehicles to combat pollution in the city and said, his government will hire only electric vehicles for various purposes in the next six weeks.

Delhi government has planned for giving subsidies on the purchase of EVs and there will be no road tax and registration fees for EVs in the state.

“Our vision is that by 2024, 25 percent of new vehicles must be electric. Approximately Rs 30,000 subsidies are to be given for 2/3-wheelers while Rs 1.5 lakh for 4-wheelers. We are starting the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign today to make people aware of clean vehicles,” CM declared.

Not only this but, he asked delivery chains and big companies, resident welfare associations, market associations, malls, and cinema halls to promote electric vehicles and set up charging stations at their premises.

In his press conference, Kejriwal said “In ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign, awareness will be created about benefits of electric vehicles and how it can contribute to making Delhi clean and pollution free. I appeal to people to take part in the campaign to promote the replacement of polluting petrol and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles and make a contribution towards a pollution-free Delhi.”

“Over the last year, the people of Delhi have fought a courageous fight against Corona. They overcame all odds to defeat three waves of Corona. While all the people of Delhi deserve credit for this, it should not take away our focus from the long-term challenges facing Delhi. One such challenge is air pollution. To address the vehicular pollution in Delhi, in August 2020, the Delhi government notified the landmark Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy. It has been called the most progressive EV policy in India and among the best globally,” he added.

More than 6,000 electric vehicles have been purchased since the policy launch in August 2020. The government has also issued tenders for setting up 100 charging stations across the city, Kejriwal announced.

Earlier this January, the Transport Department of Delhi had issued three request for qualification and proposals (RFQP) for the operation of 575 electric buses (E-buses) in the capital.

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