EV Adoption

Li-ion Phosphate or Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide- Which Has More Potential?

A report by the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) titled ‘India’s Potential in the Midstream of Battery Production’ had shed light on the role of different technologies of batteries like Lithium-ion in the transition of automobile fuel. The report aims at mapping the EV adoption in India. The report says that the EV adoption […]

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“There is no scheme for ore-refining, converting them into cathode materials” Rajat Verma, CEO & Founder, Lohum

Powering next-gen li-ion battery mobility and energy solutions, making second lives for batteries a reality through reuse technology, and lithium ion battery recycling, Lohum is proving to be a gamechanger in the battery recycling and repurposing space. Rajat Verma, CEO & Founder, Lohum, offers insights into the battery recycling industry, providing an overview into the […]

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Three Wheels United & Eqaro Partnership with Log9 Materials For EV Financing

Access to EV financing is an issue multiple players are looking to tackle. Among the various deterrents to EV financing, a key challenge is the nascency of the technology, which has not only led to questions on the reliability and performance but also to an assumed zero residual value by the financing institutions. The uncertainty […]

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Transformation of EV Industry in India

As India is still in the starting stages of the EV revolution, the adoption and number of EVs sold is rising faster with every passing day. EVs are the future’s transportation and are no longer an exclusive option for early adopters. EVs are already one of the fastest-growing vehicle markets. As governments implement various incentives […]

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Delhi Govt Launches EV Charging, Battery Swapping Stations

The Delhi Government’s Switch Delhi website now features an open database for EV charging and battery swapping facilities. The open database was developed to unify all battery swapping and charge stations on a single platform, allowing public access to more than 2,500 charging stations in the nation’s capital. The decision follows several measures the local […]

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Ladakh Announces EV policy With Subsidies For Greater Adoption

A new electric vehicle policy has been announced by the Union Territory of Ladakh that comes with a wide range of subsidies that is aimed at encouraging the residents to shift from fossil fuel based vehicles to electric vehicles. According to the officials of the administration, the new e-vehicle policy is a crucial step in […]

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Lack of Financing Options The Biggest Drag On faster EV Adoption In India

 Headquartered in Hyderabad, Etrio is a key player in cargo EV OEM sector, committed to leading cargo fleet electrification. Kalyan C Korimerla, Managing Director and Co-Promoter, Etrio, began his career at in Wall Street at Intel Corporation to later assume investment banking roles at JP Morgan in New York. After he moved back to India […]

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