Somik Das

Argentina’s Renewable Projects Likely to Hit by Covid-19, Tightening of Economy

The construction and commissioning of renewable energy projects in Argentina are expected to get delayed on the back of the coronavirus crisis and tightening of the economy during the last two years. The reason behind the delay in the commencement of construction projects was due to the tightening of the economy which had restricted project […]

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Delayed Solar Development in Japan amid Covid-19 Likely to Facilitate Coal Usage

Amidst coronavirus crisis, electricity demand in Japan like other countries has dropped significantly and thus resulted in a decline in power prices. This drop in demand and rise in solar power generation eventually driving down the wholesale electricity prices, as revealed by the data & analytics company. According to GlobalData, the ongoing economic contraction, delays […]

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Brazilian Solar Industry Feels the Heat of Both Falling Economy, COVID-19

With the rising cost of imports, shrinking power demand and indefinite postponement of auctions amid coronavirus crisis, Brazilian solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is feeling the heat which may likely to impact the momentum of the annual installation. Brazilian PV sector’s annual installation capacity is expected to decline to 0.7 GW in 2020, from 1.3 GW […]

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OEMs Diversification Plan from China Intensifies; Eyes New Markets in SE Asia: Report

China remained the largest manufacturing hub for power equipment suppliers worldwide. However, coronavirus pandemic has posed a threat to its ambitions to continue to remain as global hotspot for manufacturing, because companies are now evaluating the efficiency and responsiveness of their supply chains to deal with the challenges arisen from the virus outbreak. Thus, diversification […]

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Canadian Solar’s PV Manufacturing Faces Minimal Impact of Covid-19

Canadian Solar, a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer, has recently revealed that it had experienced the limited impact of the coronavirus outbreak on its production facilities based in China. Although the company faced severe disruptions from January-mid by way of capacity loss amidst the COVID-19 carnage, it did not have a large impact on […]

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China’s Solar Additions for 2020 Likely to Decline by 6.6 GW: Report

On the back of widespread coronavirus outbreak and its impact, China’s solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity additions for 2020 is expected to fall short by 6.6 GW against the earlier projections, said the data and analytics company. Earlier, Chinese solar PV capacity additions were projected at 40 GW for the current year, which is higher than […]

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Solar PV Corporate Funding Expected to Take a hit

Lack of venture capital investment and reduced public market financing activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic will see the solar PV funding take a hit Lack of venture capital investment and reduced public market financing activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic is squeezing cash flows. Between January and March this year, total corporate funding in […]

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Brazil Faces Indefinite RE Auctions Delay of Over 51GW Due to Coronavirus

Amid the outbreak of Covid-19, the Brazilian government has postponed the national energy generation and transmission auctions of clean energy comprising more than 51 GW which were scheduled for May this year, for an indefinite time frame, said the report. This includes auctions both A-4 and A-6, as well as tenders for the transmission lines, […]

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India’s Solar Energy Plans Bogged Down With Supply Chain Issues

Amid lockdown across the country, which is likely to be extended due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the damage to India’s solar ambitions is given, the only question is how much. In India, around 2.3 GW of solar plants were expected to be commissioned from June to August 2020. However, the delivery of these projects has […]

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