solar tracking system

Axial begins the supply and installation of 150MW of its AxialTrack

The company is kicking-off 2021 by carrying out an ambitious project that underlines its AxialTracker with Blocking System’s status as a safe and reliable solar tracking system. Axial has begun the supply and installation of its AxialTracker 2V system as part of a 150 MW project based in the Andalusian province of Granada in southern […]

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NEXTracker Achieves 10 Gigawatts of Solar Tracker Sales Worldwide

NEXTracker’s single-axis solar tracker, NX Horizon is the leading tracking solution for ground-mounted solar power systems, with over 175 MW per week of manufacturing capacity. NEXTracker has announced that it has achieved an industry-first milestone of ten gigawatts (10 GW) of trackers sale to hundreds of projects across five continents. NEXTracker’s success is a direct […]

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SunLink with Ganges launches solar tracking system

American solar solutions provider SunLink with Ganges Internationale has announced the launch of a jointly developed solar tracking system. The new solar tracking system direct solar modules towards the sun throughout the day to maximise energy capture. Together with SunLink’s solar tracking systems, Ganges will now offer world-class technology that increases energy generation by 15-20%. […]

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