SunLink with Ganges launches solar tracking system

SunLink with Ganges

American solar solutions provider SunLink with Ganges Internationale has announced the launch of a jointly developed solar tracking system. The new solar tracking system direct solar modules towards the sun throughout the day to maximise energy capture.

Together with SunLink’s solar tracking systems, Ganges will now offer world-class technology that increases energy generation by 15-20%.

These solar trackers systems direct solar panels or modules towards the sun, changing their orientation throughout the day to follow the sun’s path and maximize energy capture.

Ganges has demonstrated a commitment to solar energy by diversifying our business to become a major provider of module mounting structure in India,” said Vinay Goyal, CEO of Ganges Internationale. He further added “Integrating SunLinks tracker technology with our well-established manufacturing capabilities promises to bring not only more local jobs but increased solar capacity to help meet our countrys clean energy goal, simultaneously giving the Indian developers a world-class tested product in single axis tracking technology.

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