photovoltaic panels

Indian Scientists Recover Pure Silicon from Obsolete Solar Cells

The disposal of used photovoltaic panels is increasing day by day around the world, necessitating the need for an efficient recycling method to decrease environmental pollution. The average life expectancy of solar panel is about 25-30 years. Today, worldwide, around 60 million tons of solar cells, which are in their end-of-life stage, have become wastes. […]

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Telangana to Develop Solar Power Storage in Batteries

Telangana is now planning to develop solar power storage with the help of battery assisted system. Surpassing all Indian states, Telangana has topped the country by achieving 3,250 MW solar power capacity, an official said. At present, Telangana is followed by Rajasthan with 2,250 MW, Andhra Pradesh with 2,045 MW and Gujarat with 1,715 MW […]

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Is Pollution in India Hindering Its Solar Energy Goals ?

The two common scenario India and China are going through are an expansion of solar energy supply and the immense increase in PM 2.5 and other pollutants. India is aggressively trying to replace the conventional sources of energy and has set a tremendously huge capacity of 100 GW of solar energy to achieve till 2022. […]

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Solar Lights to be installed at Koyambedu Staff Quarter Premises

According to officials, a total of 35 such lights will be installed with a lithium-ion battery backup within a period of six months, once the contractor is chosen. Chennai Metro rail will be installing solar street lights at their staff quarter premises at Koyambedu in an effort to maximise the use of renewable energy. It […]

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