RENA receives order for it copper plating technology “InCellPlate Cu” from Tier 1 cell producer

RENA receives order for it copper plating technology “InCellPlate Cu” from Tier 1 cell producer

RENA Technologies

German equipment maker RENA Technologies has announced that it has received first order for its new high-end copper plating technology “InCellPlate Cu” from a TIER 1 solar cell producer based in China.

As a first step RENA will deliver one “InCellPlate Cu” pilot tool, and says that after successful testing line expansion and production ramp-up using this new technology is scheduled.

RENA`s copper plating technology solution combines laser induced ablation of the silicon nitride layer, plating of the metal electrodes and subsequent inline anneal. This provides complete front-side metallization for solar cell manufacturing.

The “InCellPlate Cu” product makes the use of screenprinted silver paste on the front side obsolete. It further replaces the precious metal silver with cheaper copper as a conductive material.

The RENA patented technology allows single side plating of the cell’s sunny side while keeping the rear-side dry. Compared with screen-printing, the technology reduces the cell production cost by up to 6$ct/cell and at the same time offers potential for efficiency improvement: direct plating allows the formation of thin fingers and contact formation to emitters with low surface doping, thus enabling higher short circuit currents and open circuit voltages while keeping the fill factor on a high level.

This is a true milestone for the PV-industry and for RENA” states Dr. Tobias Lücke, CEO of RENA Technologies GmbH. “Again RENA is supporting the PV-industry by providing cutting edge technology, which will help our customers to meet the next challenges.”

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