Solar Power

Four Areas Where Solar Power Can, Is, and Ought To Make a Bigger Impact

“The real wealth of a nation is its people. The purpose of development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives,” said noted economist and Noble Prize winner Mahbub-ul-Haq. I was reminded of this profound universal concept that underpins today’s ‘Human Development Index,’ which serves as the defining […]

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Enfinity Global Acquires 546-MW Of Solar Assets

American renewable energy conglomerate Enfinity Global has announced the acquisition of 546 MW of solar assets in Colorado. The solar assets are currently under development by CS Energy. As per the official statement issued by Enfinity Global, the acquisition portfolio consists of three solar projects developed in Colorado, an attractive solar market mandating 100% renewable […]

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Surrey Varsity Nears Mass Production of Efficient Next-Gen Solar Panels

When the world is grappled in the quest to find new ways to enable production of more efficient solar panels with economy, the University of Surrey has come up with a novel method in this regard. It has announced that a scientific breakthrough brings mass production of the next generation of cheaper and lighter perovskite […]

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EIB’s €200 Million Loan To CTP To Finance Its Ambitious Solar Energy Roll-Out

European renewable energy conglomerate CTP has announced that it has secured €200 million in financing from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the roll-out of its large-scale programme of solar panel installation across its European business park portfolio. CTP is Europe’s largest listed developer, owner, and manager of industrial and logistics properties by gross lettable […]

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AmpIn To Supply Solar Power For Varroc’s Maharashtra Plant

AmpIn Energy Transition, a renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP), has partnered with Varroc, a global powerhouse in the automobile component sphere. This collaboration is set to channel 33.1 MWp of solar power to Varroc’s manufacturing plants in Maharashtra.  AmpIn holds a 112MWp solar portfolio, having successfully commissioned multiple back-to-back solar open-access projects in the […]

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1 Terawatt and Beyond: Solar Energy’s Unstoppable Rise and What Lies Ahead

Solar has come a long way in the last few years, from over 100,000 megawatts in 2012 to one terawatt now (1 terawatt is 1 million megawatts). So, what spurred this development? What were the factors that facilitated the achievement of this feat? We’ll be going over humanity’s journey to 1 TW of installed capacity […]

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KPI Green Energy Adds Order Win of 7.70 MW to Portfolio

A provider of renewable energy solutions, KPI Green Energy Limited, has revealed that it has secured new orders with a cumulative capacity standing at 7.70 MW towards the development of a solar power plant. Of the cumulative capacity of 7.70 MW, 6.70 MW has been assigned to KPI Green Energy Limited. The remaining 1 MW […]

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Mcdonald’s Operator Westlife To Power A Third Of New Stores With Solar By FY24

To mark World Environment Day 2023, Westlife Foodworld Ltd. (formerly Westlife Development Ltd.) – owner and operator of McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India will progressively install rooftop solar panels on one-third of its new restaurants in FY24. This move is part of the company’s goal to increase the use of renewable energy. In […]

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IEA Says Solar PV Capacity Additions Will Slowdown In India In 2023

The new report by International Energy Agency (IEA) – Renewable Energy Market Update, June 2023 – has said that the utility-scale solar PV projects are expected to slow briefly in 2023 due to supply chain challenges, lower auction volumes and trade policies. The IEA report has shown concern as solar power is India’s largest renewable […]

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