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Introducing JinkoSolar’s Brand New Eagle PERC Product Series

Jinko Solar’s 20% efficiency mc-Si solar cell is based on two major technologies, RIE texturing on DW wafer and PERC. RIE texturing leads to very low surface reflectance, resulting in more incident light absorbed by silicon wafers. This will contribute significant gain on current. Moreover, since the size of pyramids formed by RIE texturing is […]

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What’s Stored in the Solar Storage

The war of storage is no novice in the generation of digital transformation. Perhaps, the word storage can be framed with human evolution as we dignified civilization and society further to individual home, hence imagining a home is also a fact of storage where it composites humans and their endeared beholdings. Now, the fact of […]

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Operations & Maintenance Best Practices

Electricity generated through coal plants is becoming expensive day by day. Power cuts are frequent, and increasing dependence on diesel generators is causing a lot of damage to the environment. The demand-supply gap for electricity is rising in the country which makes it imperative for people to start thinking of other ways of realizing their […]

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Industry’s Aspirations on Solar Blueprint

Every year India faces severe electricity shortage, to meet the rapidly growing demand the country needs a massive addition in capacity. And to sustain the pace of economic growth with a commitment towards the reduction of greenhouse gases, India has to cut its dependency on fossil fuels for electrification. Therefore solar power installations in India […]

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The Investors Theorem: Your Rooftop PV Solar Project

Over the past two decades, there have been many attempts to reform the electric utility market. The costly and complex operations of transporting energy have made utilities natural monopolies, while regulatory barriers and the high fixed costs of building and maintaining regional electrical grid infrastructure have also kept much competition at verge. Now with vigorous […]

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BUY or LEASE Your Solar panel system?

Rooftop solar market in India is speculated to add new capacity of 700 MW in 2016 – 15% of total solar capacity addition this year. According to Bridge to India, the cumulative capacity crossed 1 GW by September and is growing at a sizzling 300% over last year. Ministry of Finance has reduced depreciation rate […]

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Why EPC are Treading in the Solar Race?

Solar has taken the momentum with a cumulative installed grid connected solar power capacity reaching 8,062 MW (8.1 GW) as of 31 July 2016. The ecosystem seems stable as analyst asserts that the solar market in India is set to clan the billion-dollar space. Not much appalling on the WTO setback, Indian Solar manufacturing capabilities […]

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Beyond Silicon: ground-breaking research areas that chuck the Semiconductor

One of the research areas of applied science that has seen a lot of promising ideas go down dwindling (and take companies with them) is that of solar photovoltaic cells. But like Edison said, the most certain way to succeed is to try, one more time. New materials are competing silicon based cells with a […]

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Solar power has been identified as one of the emerging sectors of future growth. The solar energy is abundant in our country, and India gets normally 300 days of solar radiation in a year. The inexhaustible sun power not only augments energy generation, but also contributes towards the improvement of environment, energy conservation, and additional […]

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