Renewable Energy

Uganda Debuts Solar-Powered Bus

Kiira Motors‘s solar-powered bus has made a public debut in Uganda. Recently the company showcased the solar powered bus named Kayoola at Uganda’s capital. The bus has 35 seats and is the first public bus in Africa to be powered by the Sun. According to the chief engineer of the project, Mairo Obuwa, engines of […]

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Ministry of Power Raises RPO Trajectory for both Discoms and States

Ministry of Power has raised the Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) trajectory for solar power in India. The Renewable Purchase Obligations makes it mandate for both Distribution Companies (Discoms) and states to purchase a certain percentage of their energy from renewable. Distribution Companies in India will now have to purchase 2.75% of their energy mix from […]

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Bras Solar to open solar panel factory in Brazil

China based Bras Solar has announced that it will open a solar panel factory in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Construction is expected to start this year and the facility is expected to have an initial revenue of USD 61mper year, it will be up and running by 2017. The company aims to reach revenue […]

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Modernize Announces The Launch of ModSun Solar Cost Calculator for Homeowners

Modernize has announced the launch of ModSun, an easy-to-use solar panel cost calculator for homeowners. ModSun is powered by the only solar resource with nationwide Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data, it accurately maps each square meter of a rooftop’s size, slope, orientation and average sunlight intensity. According to the company ModSun can instantly provides […]

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Duke Energy’s 15,000 solar panels in Osceola County is now providing carbon-free energy

Duke Energy’s 15,000 solar panels on 17-acre facility soaking up the sun in Osceola County are now providing clean, renewable energy to the customers in Florida. The new Duke Energy owned and operated Osceola Solar Facility is about the size of 13 football fields and produces nearly 4 megawatts of carbon-free energy. It officially began commercial operation on May […]

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UK Renewable Energy Leaders releases a new Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Guide

Two renewable energy leaders in the United Kingdom, Renewable Energy Association and BRE National Solar Centre have released a new Rooftop Solar PV Guide for installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on commercial rooftops, which will be of great help to both tenants and landlords of commercial buildings in their bids to decrease energy costs and […]

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Solar Impulse completes round-the-world flight with zero fuel

Solar Impulse completes the first solar-powered flight around the world, proving that innovation, technology and a pioneering mindset can address global challenges The solar powered plane landed at its starting point in Abu Dhabi at 04:05 am local time, after a final leg of 48 hours and 37 minutes from Cairo. “This is a truly […]

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Phoenix Solar secures EPC to develop a 19.6MW solar plant in Texas

Phoenix Solar, a subsidiary of Phoenix Solar AG, has been awarded the rights to develop a 19.6 MW solar plant in Texas, U.S. The U.S. subsidiary of the German-headquartered solar developer has been chosen by renewable energy company Apex to engineers, procure and construction (EPC) a single-axis tracking solar plant in Texas. The project, once […]

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JA Solar Reaches Important Milestone in Monocrystalline PV Product Shipments

JA Solar Holdings has announced that as of middle of July this year, the company’s shipments of monocrystalline PV products over the last ten years had totaled 7GW. Founded in 2005, JA Solar started production in March 2006. The company focuses on the research and development of monocrystalline cell products.  Since 2010, JA Solar has […]

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