Govt. upbeats Solar Power Generation to 48GW by 2019

Eyeing the indigenous growing solar reputation, the government is aiming to extend the solar power generation capacity to 48GW by early 2019, giving an early deed to the promising 100 GW National Solar Mission chalked by 2022. Latest projections from The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), has benchmarked a target generating 48GW grid […]

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‘Graphene’ can solve the Rainy Day Riddle of Solar Power

Dilemma of solar power working on nights or during inclement weather has given hesitant reasons to rely on this source of green energy. As technology leapfrogs rainy days might also not affect the potential of solar. Researchers are undergoing revolutionary experiments with the wonder material ‘graphene’ (its potential has defined new dimensions in semiconductors too) […]

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SkyPower, Sachigo Lake First Nation partners to establish Solar Parks

A major developer of utility-scale solar energy projects, SkyPower has inked a partnership deal with Sachigo Lake First Nation to develop a multitude of utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects in Ontario. SkyPower qualified the asked large renewable procurement (LRP) process through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO and jointly submitted proposals for the development of solar […]

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Imagine Roads Paved with Solar – France turns Head

Yes, there is a slew for alternative energy globally and solar energy is spelled as the best and acceptable alternative. But, imaging solar panels paved into the roads seems unimaginable. France has determined to alternate asphalt with solar panels as the French officials announces plans to construct a 1,000-kilometer-long (621-mile-long) solar roadway, with each kilometer capable […]

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