‘Graphene’ can solve the Rainy Day Riddle of Solar Power

Dilemma of solar power working on nights or during inclement weather has given hesitant reasons to rely on this source of green energy. As technology leapfrogs rainy days might also not affect the potential of solar. Researchers are undergoing revolutionary experiments with the wonder material ‘graphene’ (its potential has defined new dimensions in semiconductors too) […]

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Headway to Solar Energy Storage

Researches are significantly focusing to discover better approaches to store energy created by solar PV frameworks. There are various batteries available that can store sunlight based energy, however even the most innovative ones are genuinely wasteful; they’re costly and have a really short time span of usability, making them not the most alluring choices for […]

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Sand Particles can be used for Solar Energy

When sun is at its zenith, its known fact that with bare feet it’s hard to wobble around the beach, now researchers is known to have demonstrated solar energy using sand particle. The research project called ‘Sandstock’ has been seeking to develop a sustainable and low-cost gravity-fed solar receiver and storage system through sand particles, […]

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