Sodium-Ion Battery Startup UNIGRID Battery Gets $12mn Funding

UNIGRID Battery, a San Diego-based startup developing advanced sodium-ion batteries, has announced a successful close of an oversubscribed $12 Million Series A funding round. The financing was Co-led by Transition VC and Ritz Venture Capital and joined by new investor Union Square Ventures and existing investor Foothill Ventures. The investment will accelerate and scale-up UNIGRID’s […]

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This Startup Looks to Displace Batteries with Hyper-Efficient Solar Panels

Europe’s Exeger’s Powerfoyle are a new line of hyper efficient dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) that aim to make indoor solar a reality. These low-cost, high-efficiency and flexible cells might soon make their way into our devices. In fact, it’s already in a few. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Exeger’s factory spews out 2.5 million square meters […]

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German Battery Firm Theion Receives Validation for Ultra-Fast Charging

Berlin-based battery company theion announced innovation in battery technology, with its reported breakthrough anode chemistry. theion has developed a lightweight polymer host with special coatings to replace anode chemistries such as graphite, silicon-rich graphite or lithium metal foils, and successfully reached over 2,000 charging and discharging cycles. This has been validated by a leading independent […]

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Grid Optimization: Heimdall Power’s Magic Balls Make A Mark

As our energy demands evolve and renewable sources become increasingly integrated into our power networks, the need for innovative solutions to optimize grid performance has never been more pressing. Especially with higher injections of variable renewable energy, grid optimisation has never been more important. The new form of cutting-edge technologies, from advanced sensors and smart […]

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Researchers Create 2D Organic Perovskites & Potential Use In 2D electronics

Perovskites are among the most researched topics in materials science. Recently, a research team led by Prof. LOH Kian Ping, Chair Professor of Materials Physics and Chemistry and Global STEM Professor of the Department of Applied Physics of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), Dr Kathy LENG, Assistant Professor of the same department, together with Dr Hwa Seob CHOI, Postdoctoral Research Fellow […]

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Hyderabad-Based Aircraft Firm Converts Its Carport Into Solar Power House

A Hyderabad-based aircraft engine firm-Safran Aircraft Engines Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd has now converted its carport into a solar powerhouse. New Delhi-based solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company–Enerture Technologies executed the project for Safran. The firm said that  solar carport’s dual functionality of providing shade for vehicles while harnessing solar energy exemplifies the synergy between […]

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Incheon, Harvard Researchers Improve Fuel Cell Durability With Innovation

Scientists from the Incheon University in South Korea and Harvard University have developed a fatigue-resistant electrolyte membrane with an interpenetrating polymer network, which prolongs the lifespan of fuel cells. In hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyte membranes frequently undergo deformation and develop cracks during operation. The research team from these universities has recently introduced a fatigue-resistant polymer […]

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South Korean University Research Aims At Boosting Lithium-Ion Battery Efficiency

Researchers at the Chung-Ang University in South Korea have worked on improving the efficiency of Lithium-ion batteries. Their work mainly involved in the electrolyte solutions. Lithium-ion batteries, essential for electric vehicles, face safety concerns due to polarization effects during fast charging. These researchers have now studied the impact of high-concentration electrolytes on their interface kinetics and […]

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Shakti Pumps Gets Patent For Solar Flour Mill

Shakti Pumps (India) Limited, India’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient pumps and motors has received a patent for inventing” SOLAR FLOUR MILL” The Patent Office, Government of India, has awarded Shakti Pumps this patent, fully adhering to the provisions set forth in the Patents Act of 1970. This patent is set to maintain its validity for […]

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