LAVLE Receives Funding from Ocean Zero to Further Innovation Across Battery Tech and Energy Storage Sectors

LAVLE Receives Funding from Ocean Zero to Further Innovation Across Battery Tech and Energy Storage Sectors

LAVLE, the leading U.S.-based supplier and developer of superior battery technologies and energy storage systems (ESS) for the renewable energy, marine, rail transportation, aviation, defense, and other markets, today announced a round of funding from Ocean Zero, LLC. The investment will further support LAVLE’s mission of enabling carbon reduction through its innovative, next generation technologies.

Founded by renowned TED Curator Chris Anderson and science/finance journalist Stephen Petranek, Ocean Zero invests in tech-driven, innovative companies that can speed up the transition to fossil-free sea transportation.

“Ocean Zero is looking for innovative companies that can help catalyze the coming decarbonization of marine transport,” Anderson said. “Batteries are a key component in this effort, and we are betting that LAVLE’s breakthrough technologies will advance this cause exponentially.”

The funding further validates a year of incredible momentum for LAVLE. In June, the company launched its flagship Proteus Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (Proteus ESS), designed to overcome the limitations of conventional lithium-ion storage technologies.

“Since inception, LAVLE has sought out partners who mirror our vision of a clean future that is enabled by safe and sustainable energy solutions,” said LAVLE CEO Dr. Jason Nye. “There aren’t two greater examples of this than Chris Anderson and Stephen Petranek, who built Ocean Zero on the same principles that continue to shape our efforts at LAVLE.”

Curator of the TED Conference since 2002, Anderson’s recently produced Countdown initiative ( championed the need for the world to get serious about tackling all aspects of the climate crisis. Petranek, in addition to his role as Managing Partner of Ocean Zero, is the former editor-in-chief of the science magazine Discover, which often focused on the threat of CO2 emissions. He is also the former editor-in-chief of the Breakthrough Technology Alert newsletter that ties scientific breakthroughs to investment opportunities.

“Decarbonizing sea transport no longer requires a leap in imaginative engineering and science. It’s already been thought out in most cases,” Petranek said. “Now we need visionary entrepreneurs to seize on these concepts. Ocean Zero is dedicated to help leaders in this field convert innovation into reality.”

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