Google Signs Renewable Energy Deal to Power Data Center

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, Google has signed the deal under a power purchase agreement (PPA) which allows the technology giant to fetch energy directly from the generator. Internet related services and products provider, Google has signed a 10-year renewable energy deal to buy renewable energy from three upcoming wind farms of Finland […]

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Google Announces Project Sunroof for Solar Power in UK

Along with Eon, Google has also partnered with Tetraeder, a German software firm, on the project.  Project Sunroof uses machine learning to estimate how much solar potential a house has by examining the property’s features, such as its roof area and angle, and weather data, such as sun positioning. The British homeowners can now save […]

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TCI to Use 25% Renewable Energy by the End of This Year

TCI is among Google, Ikea, Apple, and other corporations as they shift their traditional electricity production to alternative clean sources. Besides being the first from Taiwan, TCI is one of a few contract manufacturers to join. Being first company in Taiwan to commit itself to using 100 percent renewable energy, TCI, a contract manufacturer of dietary […]

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Google’s Project Sunroof Launched in Germany

A solar power initiative started by Google engineer Carl Elkin, Project Sunroof stated purpose is “mapping the planet’s solar power potential, one roof at a time, and now it has been launched in Germany. Google’s Project Sunroof, which estimates whether homes get enough sunlight to switch over to solar power, has been launched in Germany. […]

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Google to bring 5G Services through Solar Drones

Now, well-named as Internet ‘unpredictable’ Giant – Google is undergoing some Top-Secret project as it is continuously unveiling technology to an unpredictable level. After the Project Loon had turned heads – Google has appointed the same team to develop High-Speed 5G Internet services through solar drones. Yes, it’s jaw-dropping, the development named as “Project SkyBender” […]

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