Seeon 180° backpack

Seeon 180° backpack


Designed for a modern age where protecting yourself and your belongings should really be at the forefront, Seeon 180° uses technology to create a secure, portable storage solution. With anti-theft defense, location tracking, an integrated solar panel, battery pack, and even an assault alarm, this bag has your back.

Seeon 180° backpack

Product Features:

  • The backpack comes with its own GPS that actively tracks the bag and wearer’s location, serving two broad purposes. In the event of an altercation, the bag can send an SOS alert to an emergency contact, or if the bag gets stolen, it can be tracked in realtime. Among other features, the bag comes with its own ‘taillight’ too, which self-illuminates in the dark. Designed to make it easy to spot at night (so cars, bikes, and pedestrians can avoid you), the LEDs can be controlled via your smartphone too, allowing you to switch them on or off depending on your need.
  • All of Seeon 180°’s features draw power from its built-in 20,000 mAh power bank, which you can also use to charge your own devices too. The power bank is supplemented by a series of solar panels on the back of Seeon 180°, which means you don’t really need to recharge the backpack too often! A wireless module enables Seeon 180° to connect to your smartphone, and Seeon 180°’s app lets you create custom alerts based on emergencies like assault, theft, or collision.

Product Benefits:

Even if you aren’t staring at your phone’s screen, the backpack’s discreet alarm system can send you vibrations when it senses danger, prompting you to look back and evaluate the situation. In the event that the situation gets out of hand or your bag gets stolen, you can share the bag’s location from within the app too, making it easier to track your backpack as well as your stuff.

Product Availability:

The product is available for pre-order for €294.00 at

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