News Briefs May 30- Google, Meta Solar PPAs, LONGi’s Hi Mo X6 Modules…

Google Signs First Solar PPAs In Japan Technology giant Alphabet, which owns Google, has signed its first solar PPAs in Japan. The virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) adding up to 60 MW have been signed with two Japanese companies. The larger firm, involved with 40 MW of the planned capacity is Clean Energy Connect (CEC), […]

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Google to Power Irish Offices & Data Centre with Solar from Power Capital

Ireland-based Power Capital Renewable Energy (PCRE), which delves into the design, development, financing, building and operation of solar power plants, has entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with American multinational technology firm Google. The agreement will help power up the data centre and offices of Google in Ireland with solar energy worth 58 MW […]

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Google & Apex Clean Energy Join Forces for Timbermill Wind Project of 189 MW Capacity

US-based firm, Apex Clean Energy, which delves into the origination, commercialization, construction, and operation of utility-scale wind energy facilities has joined hands with Google for 189 MW worth of capacity for the Timbermill Wind project. The wind project will be established in North Carolina, USA. The said wind project will aid Google, which is eyeing  carbon-free […]

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As Bangladesh’s Textile Sector Makes Green Switch, Lessons For India’s Export Giants Too

Bangladesh has been a laggard when it comes to Grid-scale solar adaptation, historically. The country, which also imports power from India, faces a challenge when it comes to energy, with a reliance on natural gas besides thermal power from India. However, there have been clear signs of acceleration in its solar installation drive recently. At […]

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Google, EDPR Partner on 500 MW Distributed Solar Development in USA

Global IT conglomerate Google and EDPR North America Distributed Generation LLC have collaborated to support more than 80 distributed solar PV projects totalling 500 MW in the USA. The deal aligns with an environmental justice program benefiting over 25,000 families in low-to-moderate income communities from New Jersey to Ohio. EDPR said that the initial projects […]

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Google to Buy Wind Energy from Ørsted for US Datacenters

In a quest to step-up the decarbonisation of its activities, tech giant Google has signed a 150 MW PPA with Danish energy major Ørsted for the purchase of renewable energy generated by Helena Wind Farm for the next 15 years. The Ørsted wind project was commissioned last year and provides low-cost electricity to the South […]

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IbVogt Selects Nextracker to Supply Solar Trackers for 150 MW Power Plant in Spain

Solar tracker solutions provider for utility-scale and distributed generation projects Nextracker has secured a new deal in Europe for its terrain-following solar tracker NX Horizon-XTR™ (XTR). IbVogt, German international solar developer, has chosen Nextracker’s XTR for the 150 MW Garnacha solar power plant in Spain. The project is backed by a twelve-year power purchase agreement […]

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Google Signs Agreement with Sol Systems for Solar Energy at its Campuses

American multinational technology firm Google has signed a pact with US solar energy firm Sol Systems to help power up its campuses in North and South Carolina with solar energy. The statement called the pact a “unique renewable energy procurement and investment strategy” facilitating the development of new solar energy projects that also help provide […]

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The Top 5: Why Data Centres Are A Favourite To Shift To Renewable Energy

Whenever you use the internet, you’re connecting to one of the millions of servers distributed across hundreds of data centres located worldwide. Yes, these are the ‘cloud’ servers every digital user today is familiar with. While they are crucial for tech giants, people may not realise that these centres, with their extensive security requirements, and […]

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