Grundfos Solar Inverter (RSI)

Grundfos Solar Inverter

Product Brief: Denmark-based Grundfos has launched a new state-of-the-art solar inverter, designed to provide solar energy solutions to crop irrigation. New inverter makes all pumps solar-ready.

Product Feature: The new off-grid IP66 Solar Inverter (RSI) introduced by Grundfos converts traditionally powered SP submersible pump irrigation systems into modern solar powered installations, not only making the water supply system self-reliant and independent, but also cut operating cost substantially in a sector where profitability is a key factor.

Application: The Solar Inverter (RSI) is designed to be suitable for retrofitting a solar energy source to SP pumps and is a simple way to irrigate land in a more environmentally-friendly way, with immediate cost benefits for a rapid return on investment.

Benefits: With the unique combination of the high efficiency Grundfos pumps and the new RSI invertors, more water per watt of solar panels is provided. The IP 66 rating allows the inverter to be installed outdoor. Also the inverters can withstand ambient temperature of up to 60 degree Celsius which makes it an appropriate product for the Middle East region.

Availability: To be available soon

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