Solar Panels

Coming Up Soon, The Problem OF Managing Solar Waste

As large-scale installation of PV solar modules increases in India, the volume of modules that reach the end of their life is also expected to grow manifold. By the end of 2040, the country will represent 30% of the world’s installed solar capacity, a recent IEA report has found. India, which currently doesn’t categorise PV […]

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Solar Innovation In Rooftop Set to Boom

Rooftop solar has been a very popular choice in recent years for markets like the US and Australia, where they are being seen as solutions to not just lower emissions, but also secure energy for owners in difficult situations. In the last decade alone, in the U.S, the number of solar panels installed has gone […]

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Stanford Scientists Create New Material for Thin, Lightweight Solar Panels

A race is on in solar engineering to create almost impossibly-thin, flexible solar panels. Engineers imagine them used in mobile applications, from self-powered wearable devices and sensors to lightweight aircraft and electric vehicles. Against that backdrop, researchers at Stanford University have achieved record efficiencies in a promising group of photovoltaic materials, writes Andrew Myers in […]

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NREL Researchers Offer Guidance for Solar Systems To Last

Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have laid out a cost-effective five-point plan to improve the reliability of solar panels in light of extreme weather, rapid innovation, and extremely competitive prices. In a commentary piece published in the journal Nature, Dirk Jordan, Teresa Barnes, Nancy Haegel, and Ingrid Repins urge the solar industry […]

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Pradeep Kumar’s Solar Trolley For Farmers Seeds A Successful Business

For Pradeep Kumar, who hails from a farming family in Haryana, becoming an entrepreneur in the solar business was always a plan, but he never imagined the shape it finally took. Starting in 2009 with a simple installation business focused on solar panels at farms to run water pumps and more, Pradeep realised that panel […]

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Spanish Firm Licenses its Patented ‘Continuous String’ Process

Mondragon Assembly, a leading Spanish company dedicated to delivering solutions and equipment for the PV Industry, has secured a licensing agreement for its patent for “continuous string” process, which has been its intellectual property since 2013. “The current patent from 2013 provides us with some results not previously seen in the manufacture of strings,” claims the […]

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“Making Components In House Gives us a Huge Advantage Over Competitors”

Rydot Infotech, a Gujarat based firm which also offers a solar monitoring solution has tasted success with its offerings. Riding the solar wave in India, the role such monitoring devices can play in better maintainance and consequently productivity and returns is vital. Rydot’s ‘Radiant’ offering is seeking a high growth in the coming quarters. We […]

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Solar Recycling Is Becoming A Race Against Time

In the last two decades, millions of solar panels have been installed, with an expected lifetime of between 25 and 30 years. That means  over the coming years, a trickle of discarded panels will gradually turn into a flood, requiring effective recycling techniques to be in place soon. Solar recycling technologies, have their task cut […]

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