20% Of Global Power On Summer Solstice Came From Solar: Report

Highlights :

  • In June 2024 solar accounted for 8.2%, compared to 6.7% recorded in June 2023.
  • The US and India are expected to have very similar solar shares in June 2024, at 6.9% and 7.1% respectively.
20% Of Global Power On Summer Solstice Came From Solar: Report Solar Estimate To Generate 8.2% Of Global Electricity In June 2024

Energy think-tank Ember estimates that today, across the midday peaks on the summer solstice – 20% of the world’s electricity will come from solar, up from 16% last year. 

“At 20% share, solar is now a serious global electricity source,” said Kostantsa Rangelova, electricity analyst at Ember. “ Battery costs have collapsed, meaning solar power is already being used in the evening, not just in the daytime. Solar power is the fastest growing source of electricity and will undoubtedly rise to become the biggest source of electricity, and ultimately of energy.” 

In June, global solar generation typically has a seasonally higher share due to the longer summer days in the northern hemisphere, where Ember estimates 89% of the world’s solar panels are installed. 

Ember expects the share of solar in total electricity generation to reach 8.2% in June 2024, up from 6.7% in June 2023. Across the whole of 2023, solar generated a record 5.5% of global electricity. 

China, the world’s largest solar market, accounted for 36% of global solar generation in 2023. Ember expects China’s share of solar in total electricity generation to reach 9.6% in June 2024, up from 7% in June 2023. On average, for the year 2023, solar’s share in China’s electricity generation was 6.2%. 

In the EU, solar share across June is expected to be more than double the global average at 20%, up from 17% in June 2023. On average, for the entire year 2023, the EU’s solar share was 9.2%. For Spain, which has one of the highest solar shares in the EU and the world, the share of solar in June 2024 is expected to be even higher at 30%. 

The US and India are expected to have a similar solar share in June 2024 at 6.9% and 7.1% respectively  below the global average of 8.2%. The share on average across 2023 was at 5.6% in the US and 5.8% in India. 

Ember’s analysis shows that there are now 34 economies that generated more than 10% of their electricity from solar in 2023. Although China is by far the biggest installer of solar panels, its share in 2023 was well below this threshold, at 6.2%. However, 66% of countries still generate less than 5% of their electricity from solar, including many with insolation above the global average. Considering the falling costs and increase in technological efficiency, solar is set to see increased adoption in these countries in the future.

 The report highlights the solar generation in the world’s four biggest solar markets, growth of solar in comparison to other energy sources and its untapped potential in sunny countries. 

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