Solar-Apps Energy announces availability of all in one solar LED street lights

solar LED street lights

Solar-Apps Energy has announced the availability of its all in one solar LED street lights. These new street lights use Lithium Phosphate batteries instead of inefficient lead acid. It comes with a LED heat sink for longer life, and fixed point tracking solar panel for highest efficiency.

According to the company these all in one compact unit comes without any wiring or installation hassles.

Solar-Apps Energy  notes that the energy saving solar street lighting system is a self-sufficient, independent lighting system that eliminates the need to construct buried electrical supply trunks that are typical in conventional street lighting systems.

LED street lights offers up to eight times more brightness than incandescent lamps without emission of harmful gas in the environment.

The smart control feature with PIR motion sensor integrated in the street lights helps to save more power , when people enter within 10m radius of the street light ,  it light in full power and when they move out of the radius , it automatically switches to  power energy saving mode notes the company on its website.

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