PM Modi Whoops Odisha for Innovation in Every Field

PM Modi Whoops Odisha for Innovation in Every Field

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Two-day visit to Odisha has alarmed for innovation in every field and cited that the nation’s young researchers ought to take the challenge call of tapping solar energy. “The moment innovation stops, systems lose their life. We have to create an environment for innovation. The innovation should be affordable and sustainable,” Modi said at an inauguration ceremony on the permanent campus of National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER).

He said assembling ought to have “zero defect” with the goal that items are not rejected in the global market and “zero impact” so that no adverse effect is left on the earth environment.

Modi referred to the advancement the innovation embodied in LED bulb as an example of affordable and sustainable technology, and said, ‘We can save 20,000MW energy by using LED bulbs in 100 cities across the country’. Innovation for Clean energy is the need of hour, such as technology that needs to be developed for coal gasification to ensure minimal effect on climate, he included.

With aims of India turning solar and Make in India, he repeated his idea of color revolutions, calling for a green revolution in agriculture, a blue revolution in water and sky, saffron in energy and white in dairy farming. Modi asserted that, ‘If we have mastery over storage of solar energy, then I don’t think we would need to depend on any other energy source,’ He added, taking note of that India, France, America and the Gates Foundation together have decided to invest in research on solar energy at the Paris COP21 summit.

He likewise admonished the NISER scholars, to nurture the scientific knowledge among schoolchildren.

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