Solar Storage

As Thousands in California Suffer ‘Planned’ Outages, the Case for Solar Storage Presents Itself

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), the largest utility responsible for providing power to California, started cutting off power to thousands of residents on Wednesday. This was done to prevent the eruption of wildfires like last year. Many residents find that their solar installations are of no help due to one reason. Pacific Gas and Electric, […]

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China’s CATL Joins Next Energy for Battery Storage Business in Japan

CATL will provide the components for storage batteries and its Japanese partner Next Energy & Resources will be in charge of assembly. China’s CATL, the world’s largest maker of electric car batteries has partnered with Next Energy and will start selling products for homes and businesses in Japan in 2020 with an eye toward tapping […]

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Artificial Photosynthesis Can Bring Green Tech Closer to Solar Energy Storage

Chemists at the University of Illinois have successfully produced fuels using water, carbon dioxide and visible light through artificial photosynthesis. By converting carbon dioxide into more complex molecules like propane, green energy technology is now one step closer to using excess CO2 to store solar energy – in the form of chemical bonds – for […]

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IESA commemorates World Energy Storage Day by organizing policy roundtable

The objective of this forum is to have a dialogue between thought leaders from industry and the policy makers to identify policy priorities that can help drive adoption of energy storage in India and make India a global hub for manufacturing of advanced energy storage technologies by 2020 said IESA. To commemorate on the 1st […]

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Andhra Pradesh gearing up to store solar power for farmers: Report

Andhra Pradesh will become the first state in the country and Asia to store solar energy to facilitate power supply to agriculture sector Andhra Pradesh is reportedly gearing up to store solar power for the farmers in the state. The Pioneer reports that Andhra Pradesh will become the first state in the country and Asia […]

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Panasonic partners with Pika Energy to Offer Harbor Smart Battery for Solar-Plus-Storage

Powered by Panasonic’s Li-Ion battery technology, Harbor smart battery provides 10kWh or 15kWh of usable energy and up to 6.7kW of continuous power. Harbor 10P/15P can be used for clean back-up power, self-supply, time-of-use and other solar-plus-storage applications. Panasonic Eco Solutions and U.S. based inverter manufacturer – Pika Energy have partnered to offer the Harbor […]

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ABB TRIO-TM three-phase string inverter launched with power ratings up to 60kW

ABB TRIO-TM is suitable for both commercial and utility applications, and for both rooftop and ground-mounted installations, the TRIO-TM has been designed with flexibility in mind ABB added a new member to its TRIO family; the TRIO-TM – three-phase string solution with power ratings up to 60kW, for cost efficient large decentralized photovoltaic systems. The […]

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Advanced Microgrid Solutions to Design, Install and Operate 40 MWh of AES Systems at Select U.S. Walmart Stores

In the first phase of the project, AMS will install 40 megawatt hours (“MWh”) of advanced energy storage systems at 27 Walmart stores in Southern California Advanced Microgrid Solutions (“AMS”) has signed an agreement with Walmart Stores, Inc. to deploy it’s Hybrid Electric Building technology in select Walmart stores in the U.S.  Under the agreement, […]

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Lithium Exploration Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of Solaris Power Cells PESA Energy Storage Technology

The Lithium Exploration Group’s MOU with Solaris Power outlines licensing terms for use of the technology as a component of the Ultrasonic Generator package, as well as giving LEXG the right to continue to develop the technology for other applications. Lithium Exploration Group has announced that it has reached a non-binding MOU with Solaris Power […]

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