ISA to Publicize 5 Years Program for Scaling Rooftop Solar During RE-INVEST India 2017

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron are likely to attend the ISA Founding Ceremony during RE-INVEST India 2017.

Rooftop Solar During RE-INVEST India 2017

The International Solar Alliance Program is scheduled to launch during RE-INVEST India 2017 on 8th December. The objective of ISA Program will be to promote, assess potential, harmonize demand and pool resources for rapid deployment of and scaling up Rooftop Solar (Off-Grid and Grid-Connected) in pursuit of the objectives of the Paris Declaration, 2015 and towards fulfillment of its obligations under Article II and III (2) of Framework Agreement.

The Program of 5 years duration, from the date of launch or till year 2022, will cover the following:

  • Off-Grid and Grid-connected roof-top solar in 121 Prospective Member Countries including Island States with the support of ISA Member Countries, Partner Countries and Other Countries;
  • All types, shapes and sizes of roof and in various rooftop segments viz. residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and others, either public or private, in rural, semi-urban and urban areas;
  • All kinds of existing or future technologies in the field of Solar PV Modules, Thin Films, Flexible Modules, Solar Tiles, etc.; Inverters, Hybrid Inverters, Micro-Inverters, Power Controllers, etc.; Storage Devices, Module Mounting/Fixing Structures, Smart Meters, Measuring Instruments, Tracking/ Remote Monitoring Systems, Auto-Panel Cleaning Devices, Cables, Cable Treys, Connecters, Junction Boxes, Distribution Boxes, Relays, Fuses, Arrestors, Safety Devices, etc. subject to their meeting the relevant IEC Codes and/or other Codes or Standards or regulations as specified by the Member Country, Partner Country, ISA or the Appropriate Authority.

The draft was updated during the curtain raiser of the RE-INVEST 2017 and ISA foundation ceremony, which was chaired by the newly appointed Power Minister, RK Singh.

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