Hub Product Marketing Manager, Power Quality Products, India

Responsibilities:- Demand order growth for PQP in the country pre-sales and value-based selling activities. Drive segment specific promotion, marketing and spec-in activities. Strategize and implement the introduction of new products. Meet Customers on a regular basis. Lead technical influence of specifications, identify new channels. Collect and provide market information, competitive situation to Hub and GPMM/GPM […]

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What The Renewable Industry Expects From Union Budget? 

Days ahead of the Union Budget 2024, the Indian renewable energy companies have pinned their hopes on the event. A number of green companies have shared their expectations from the budget. Several of them batted for attention of better taxation regime, working on the hurdles for the green companies and suggested several means that can […]

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HYLENR Uses Cold Fusion Technology To Generate Clean Energy

Hyderabad-based Startup HYLENR’s built cold fusion technology to generate clean energy. This innovation received a patent from the government of India for its low-energy nuclear reactor technology. HYLENR’s low-energy nuclear reactor can serve as an alternative for power generation, by amplifying input electricity to produce heat for Space Applications (MMRTG), Steam generation for multiple applications, […]

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Indian Wind Sector Prone To Cybersecurity Risks: NITI Aayog Report

A recent report by NITI Aayog identified emerging concerns in cybersecurity for the Indian wind sector due to the import of components for the wind sector, particularly from China, by the Wind Turbine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The report proposes a multi-pronged approach integrating policy interventions, manufacturing support, and robust cybersecurity measures. Given the increasing […]

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Impose Carbon Tax In India To Handle CBAM Issue: CSE

A new report from New Delhi-based think tank Center for Science and Environment (CSE) said that the developing countries might consider imposing carbon tax and other measures on their own to tackle the issue of the European Union’s (EU) Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). This comes at a time when the EU has planned to […]

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Waaree To Start Module Production In US From Sept: Hitesh Doshi

From an initial module manufacturing capacity of 30 MW in Surat in 2007, Waaree Energies has come a long way indeed. And helming the company through that journey from 30 MW to 12 GW now, and counting, is its founder and CMD, Dr. Hitesh Doshi. Dr. Doshi has not only seen the solar sector take […]

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ADB Approves Support for Rooftop Solar Systems in India

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved $240.5 million in loans to finance rooftop solar systems in India that will help the government expand energy access using renewable energy. The financing will support tranches 2 and 3 of the Multitranche Financing Facility (MFF) Solar Rooftop Investment Program approved by ADB in 2016. The program was restructured in […]

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Indian EV Sector Needs Rs 1,151cr To Flourish, Says Report

Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, Ajay Kumar Sood, released a report for building a comprehensive roadmap that outlines research projects in four crucial areas. These areas are energy storage cells, electric vehicles (EV) aggregates, materials and recycling, and charging and refueling. It provided pathways for India to achieve leadership and self-reliance in […]

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Global Battery Storage Capacity Set To Reach 2,200 GW By 2050: Report

BP Energy Outlook 2024 report, reported a rise in global power generation to nearly 25,000 TWh under current projections. This increase is closely paralleled by an approximately eight-fold rise in wind and solar power, reaching 23,000 TWh. The study projects a 40% decline in global coal-fired generation by 2050, with significant decreases expected across most […]

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