Chinese firms look for New Models for Overseas Sales amidst Covid-19 Challenges

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, these days Chinese firms are actively searching for new ways in order to increase the sale of their products in the overseas markets.

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In line with this, two Chinese companies, CECEP Solar Energy Technology (ZhenJiang) Co., Ltd and Zhongshi Solar Energy Saving & Resources (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, entered into a partnership to jointly search for explore new sales models for overseas markets.

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Li Jingnan, who is the chairman of CECEP Solar Energy Technology (ZhenJiang), recently, granted a plaque to Ge Xianglin, general manager of Zhongshi Solar Energy Saving & Resources (Jiangsu), whereby the latter becomes the sales agency for CECEP’s modules in overseas markets for China.

Commenting on the partnership, Li Jingnan, chairman of CECEP Solar Energy Technology (ZhenJiang), said that “in today’s highly interconnected world, it’s a natural trajectory for firms to establish strategic partnerships, share information and collaborate with others to innovate. Based on our successful and close cooperation with Zhongshi Solar Energy Saving & Resources (Jiangsu) over the past year, we have achieved synergy in terms of market expansion, brand enhancement and technology upgrades.”

Li further commented “the licensing serves to demonstrate our commitment to further deepen the existing strategic partnership.”

The company said that in various emerging markets such as the Philippines, India and South Korea it has made important inroads, and this licensing is part of a roadmap to further expand overseas sales channels and increase market share abroad.

Besides, it has been carrying out an upgrade of its cell and module manufacturing plants in order to further enhance its market competitiveness. The move will also help the company in rolling out 166-185mm cells and related modules.

Moreover, in order to meet the rapidly changing demand, the company is planning to build high-performance and integrated intelligent manufacturing facilities, along with enhancing its industrial internet platform, and integrate intelligence into its customer services. It will also create a total cost management (TCM) platform for intelligent control and in-time analysis throughout the manufacturing process, as it transforms into an integrated provider of products and services.

The severe impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the global market has motivated CECEP Solar Energy Technology (ZhenJiang) to address the challenge by forming new growth drivers, innovating and creating opportunities despite the crisis and difficulties.

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