EU Action Plan Proposes 40% Investment In Electricity Grids Till 2030

The European Union (EU) Commission released an ‘Action Plan’ which supports the European Green Deal. The Commission’s proposed action plan aims at supporting the Europe’s electricity demand, which is expected to increase by 60% till 2030. The prosed system is expected to help deliver a digitalized, decentralized and flexible system. It claims to accommodate millions […]

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JA Solar Passes EPD Tests For Its N-Type Solar Products

China-based solar module manufacturer JA Solar recently completed Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) assessments for multiple product lines through the French institution Kapstan, resulting in registration on the EPD systems of Norway and Italy.  The p-type series products and the whole n-type DeepBlue 4.0 Pro products under JA Solar have successfully passed the EPD assessment in […]

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Australia Aims To Hike Its Power Capacity To 32 GW With New Investment

The Australian government recently announced the expansion of its existing Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) and the National Energy Transformation Partnership (NETP), in conjunction with the states. It is set to expand the capital investment through CIS from the current pilot stage to 9 GW of dispatchable capacity and 23 GW of variable capacity nationally – […]

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China Belt & Road Initiative Brings 128GW Power Capacity: Wood Mackenzie

A latest report from Wood Mackenzie said that Chinese companies completed over 300 overseas power projects. This was despite challenges causing over 20% of projects to be cancelled or shelved.  The report said that these Chinese firms have made an estimated investment value of around US$200 billion, over these 300 projects. The East Asian country […]

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US Continues Clean Energy Support With $3.5 Billion For Battery Manufacturing

As part of its Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Biden administration in the US has announced a new round of federal funds to underpin a strong domestic manufacturing. Administered by the Department of Energy (DoE) this $3.5 billion package is the second part of a large $6 billion-plus program that started awarding funds to applicant firms […]

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Saudi Power Procurement Firm Issues Tender for 3.7GW PV Projects

Saudi Arabia has issued a tender inviting bids for solar projects under four new PV initiatives.  Together these initiatives will account for solar energy worth 3.7 GW under the National Renewable Energy Programme (NREP). The Saudi tender has been issued by Government-owned entity, Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC). The Saudi tender’s RFQ encompasses four projects, […]

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Global Solar Investments Increased By 2% In Last 8 Years: Report

A latest report by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) stated that global investment in solar increased by an average of around 2 percent over the last eight years. It added that, on the contrary, fossil fuels are still receiving a major share at nearly a trillion dollars annually.  The report put the investment in the global energy sector […]

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LONGi Announces Developing 33.9% Efficiency With Perovskite

Chinese solar module manufacturer–LONGi claimed to have developed a 33.9 percent efficiency in crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells. It is reported that the previous world record was 33.7% and was conducted by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in May this year. According to the latest certification report of the US National Renewable […]

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Zero Emission Vehicle Can Reduce Emission By 80% In US: NREL

A latest report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) stated that the adoption of zero-emission electric vehicles (EV) in the US would allow the nation to move closer to an 80% or more drop in transportation-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. This, the report said would lead to a drop of the emissions […]

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