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Indian solar MSME sectors need policy support to thrive: Pahal Solar

 Gujarat-based solar module manufacturer Pahal Solar spoke to Saur Energy recently at the sidelines of RenewX exhibition in Hyderabad. The team talked about the status of solar module manufacturing in India, the import dependency of the sector and the hand-holding support from the government among others. Please watch the full video to know more.

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Hybrid inverters offer a green future for India: Bharat Singh, Deye

 Bharat Singh, Head-Sales & Marketing (India), Deye Inverters spoke to Saur Energy at the sideline of RenewX exhibition at Hyderabad. In the interview, Singh explained the variety of products Deye is offering and how its Hybrid inverters pose vast opportunity to the power sector in India.

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Demand For Solar Trackers In Indian RE Market Rising: Chintan Patel, Sunchaser

Sunchaser is a Gujarat-based single-axis solar tracker manufacturer. These mounted structures help the solar panels rotate toward the sun’s direction to maximize energy generation. The company has the experience of supplying its product in around 30 countries across the globe.  Chintan Patel, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from Sunchaser, in a short interview with Saur Energy […]

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Our goal is to raise production capacity to 3 GW yearly: Anurag Garg, Jakson Group

Please tell us about the manufacturing capacity and expansion plans of Jakson. Presently, we have 580 MW module manufacturing capacity at our Greater Noida Plant in India. We were among the first Indian manufacturers to start with fully automatic (including auto bussing) module manufacturing facility and waterless technology NDC laser cutting machine in 2021-22. The […]

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Icon Solar Aims To Touch USD 200 million sales by 2025: Shakti Dubey, Director 

Shakti Kumar Dubey is the Director of Icon Solar-En Power Technologies Private Limited (En-Icon), an Indian solar module manufacturing company. The company started its operations nine years ago and has expanded its base since then in the country. En-icon has also been important in supplying solar pumps under the PM-KUSUM and other solar pump schemes.  In […]

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ISTS is poised to be gamechanger for renewable energy adoption by India’s corporate sector: Sashi Kant Mishra, Fourth Partner Energy

Tell us about your current ISTS-connected projects. Our portfolio entails Rajasthan with 330 megawatt of AC solar capacity, where we are in the phase two of connectivity. In Karnataka, we have another 300 megawatt of power capacity being set up. The said projects are in phase II of connectivity, with the Rajasthan project at an […]

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Renewable Startups Now Have Better Funding Avenues: Abhishek Pillai, Solar Ladder

Abhishek Pillai is one of the three co-founders who started Solar Ladder, a supply chain startup, four years ago. The three co-founders laid the firm’s foundation around the end of their London School of Economics course. The firm has around 250+ solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) installers on board four years later. It also […]

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